Following the introduction of the brand new ‘Trailblazer’ apprenticeship, there are now more options for those striving to work as a paralegal, chartered legal executive or solicitor.

Launched at the end of 2016, ‘Trailblazer’ law apprenticeships have been developed by a high profile panel of law firms and offer an alternative route to legal practice which involves ‘learning on the job’ as opposed to following the traditional route of a law degree followed by the Legal Practice Course (LPC).

Law apprenticeships are open to individuals who have completed A-Levels. As a law apprentice, you will work with clients in a firm performing tasks ranging from legal research to document drafting, and study for exams in your spare time.

So which is the best option for you? Why not take our two-minute quiz to help you decide?

This quiz is designed to give you a good idea of whether the traditional solicitor or chartered legal executive qualification route is for you or whether you would be better suited to a law apprenticeship. However, this quiz is only an indication and is meant to be fun!

Once you have your result, have a look at what skills make a good lawyer to get a better idea of the key skills invaluable to the legal profession.

Is a law apprenticeship right for me?

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