August 22, 2023
In this article, we will delve into the key components of the Dentons Solicitor Apprenticeship, including its duration, structure, salary, eligibility requirements, and application process. Whether you’re  in Year 13 or a school leaver who has not commenced an undergraduate degree, Dentons provides an exceptional opportunity to learn, grow, and build a successful legal career.

Why Choose Dentons

Dentons is a global powerhouse in the legal industry, boasting a vast network of over 10,000 lawyers and 175 offices worldwide. With commitment to innovation, Dentons offers a dynamic environment where you can build an exciting law career. Join a firm that embraces diversity, challenges convention and propels your career forward! 

How It Works

Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship is a six-year programme that offers aspiring solicitors the chance to gain hands-on experience while pursuing an LLB Law Degree. Unlike the traditional university path, this apprenticeship allows you to avoid student debt and instead focus on honing your skills and developing your career. The programme consists of one day per week of study with BPP University and four days per week of work at Dentons’ offices in London.

The Apprenticeship

Throughout the six years, apprentices at Dentons have the opportunity to work in eight different practice areas, providing them with a diverse range of skills and insights into various legal specialisations. The programme offers an increased opportunity to explore diverse practice areas (8 seats compared to a Training Contract’s 4 seats).

Each rotation lasts between six months and a year with a dedicated supervisor guiding and supporting your development in each rotation. As an apprentice, you will be an integral part of the team from the start and gradually assume more responsibilities as the program progresses. This comprehensive experience will help you build a valuable portfolio of skills, which will contribute to your degree and qualification as a solicitor.


Delve into Areas of Legal Practice

Discover more about the areas of law you are interested in


Building The Foundation For A Legal Career

Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship is a prestigious program that offers aspiring legal professionals a unique and rewarding opportunity to kickstart their careers in law. Through a six-year journey, apprentices at Dentons not only gain valuable practical work experience but also receive a comprehensive academic education. This combination of real-world practice and rigorous study enriches their understanding of the legal field and equips them with essential skills for a successful legal career.

Work-Study Integration: Enhancing Learning

The apprenticeship programme allows apprentices like Zanita Rubens, a Year 3 Solicitor Apprentice, to study and work simultaneously. This integration enables them to put their theoretical learning into practice, fostering a deeper understanding of legal principles. For example, Zanita’s experience of studying company law while working in the banking department allows her to apply her knowledge to real-world scenarios, boosting her confidence in the legal profession.

“Being able to study and work at the same time has meant that I have been able to put my learning into practice which has allowed me to really gain confidence in the legal profession.” – Zanita Rubens, Solicitor Apprentice (Year 3)

Developing Soft Skills in Real-World Scenarios

Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship not only hones legal expertise but also nurtures essential soft skills. Harith Ahmed, also a Year 3 Solicitor Apprentice, emphasises the development of communication skills, critical thinking, and confidence. Engaging with colleagues and clients on a regular basis during the apprenticeship helps Harith build a range of necessary soft skills, preparing him for the diverse challenges of legal practice.

“Working at Dentons has developed a variety of necessary soft skills which otherwise would have been lacking. Giving just one example – communicating with my colleagues and clients on a regular basis – builds skills ranging from communicating clearly and effectively, to critical thinking, to confidence.” – Harith Ahmed, Solicitor Apprentice (Year 3)

Exposure to Practice Areas: Broadening Horizons

Unlike traditional training contracts with limited seat rotations, Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship provides apprentices with exposure to eight different practice areas. George Williamson, a Year 5 Solicitor Apprentice, highlights how this exposure to diverse departments and tasks has made him a more well-rounded and adaptable legal professional. The experience gained in various seats broadens his knowledge, boosting his confidence in tackling different types of legal work.

“Being exposed to a wide variety of tasks in a range of departments, including client secondments, has made me a more well-rounded and experienced professional. Each seat rotation broadens my knowledge and builds my confidence, making me a more adaptable individual.” – George Williamson, Solicitor Apprentice (Year 5)

Involvement in Innovation Projects and Networking

Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship goes beyond traditional legal training by offering opportunities to get involved in innovation projects, committees, firm networks, and client events. Harith Ahmed’s involvement in innovation projects, such as AI-powered tools, demonstrates Dentons’ commitment to staying at the forefront of legal advancements. Additionally, Dentons encourages diversity and inclusion, with Harith serving as co-chair of the Asian Professionals Network and participating in various other networks.

“Setting my core legal work aside, there are various opportunities for contributing to business development and my own personal development available to me at the firm… There are also a number of committees and networks in which apprentices can get involved.” – Harith Ahmed, Solicitor Apprentice (Year 3)

Support and Mentorship: Guiding Apprentices to Success

Tai Ahmed, a Year 6 Solicitor Apprentice, emphasises the structured and supervised setting of the programme, which blends academic learning with real-world practice. The support and mentorship received throughout the apprenticeship contribute significantly to the professional development and growth of apprentices. Regular meetings and open-door policies foster a supportive learning environment at Dentons.

“The support and mentorship I have received during the apprenticeship has been invaluable in guiding me through my development. Throughout the years, my mentors have been a mix of partners and experienced lawyers, both assigned to me and those I sought out for their expertise.” – Tai Ahmed, Solicitor Apprentice (Year 6)

Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship stands as a shining example of an academically rigorous and practical programme that equips apprentices with the necessary skills to thrive in the legal profession. With a combination of work-study integration, exposure to various practice areas, and the development of crucial soft skills, Dentons provides its apprentices with a strong foundation for a successful career in law. Additionally, the involvement in innovation projects, committees, and networking opportunities further distinguishes this apprenticeship as a valuable stepping stone to becoming a qualified solicitor.



Being able to study and work at the same time has meant that I have been able to put my learning into practice which has allowed me to really gain confidence in the legal profession.

Zanita Rubens

Solicitor Apprentice (Year 3)

Program Eligibility & Application Timeline

To be eligible for Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship, you must be a school leaver who has not yet commenced an undergraduate degree. Applications for the September 2023 intake are now closed, but applications for September 2024 will open in October 2023 and close in January 2024.

If you are interested in future opportunities at Dentons’ Milton Keynes or London offices, you can sign up to their database to receive updates on upcoming apprenticeship openings. The application process for Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship consists of several stages designed to assess your potential and suitability for the programme including a Legal High Potential Assessment, a Video Interview, and an Assessment Centre

Key Takeaways

Dentons’ Solicitor Apprenticeship offers an exciting opportunity for Year 13 students and school or college leavers who are ready to embark on a legal career. By combining work experience with academic study, Dentons ensures that you develop a strong foundation and a diverse skill set. The application process may require some effort, but Dentons guarantees fairness and encourages you to showcase your personality and potential.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a successful Dentons lawyer, mark your calendar for the October 2023 application opening for the September 2024 intake. Unleash your ambition and take the first step towards an innovative and fulfilling legal career with Dentons.


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