Develop Your Legal Skills With The Lawyer Portal's Summer School

Whether you aspire to become a solicitor, barrister, or even a High Court judge, these programmes are designed to provide you with the essential information, tools, and skills required to successfully apply for law at your preferred university and carve out a leading legal career from the word go. You will also receive ongoing guidance throughout the year to help you navigate your upcoming decisions.

Get Insight Into Law Careers

Get first hand insight into training to become a solicitor and a barrister.

Discover Routes to Law

Discover the different courses, studies and practical legal training required.

Develop Vital Skills for Law

Learn how to negotiate and build arguments to defend a client in court!

Build Commercial Awareness

Learn about the business world and how it will impact your legal career.

Get Follow Up Group Access

Access to a dedicated help group after the course.

Optimise Law Applications

Both for uni and future law work experience.

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Boost Your Legal Skills in Three Stages

Gain Vital Insight into Law Discover the two main routes to legal practice and what each profession entails. Learn about the impact of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) on future legal study.
Develop Legal Skills and UnderstandingDevelop core legal skills including negotiating, debating, presenting, communicating, commercial awareness and much more.
Develop Academic and Professional Law Applications Learn how to choose the right uni and how universities (including Oxford and Cambridge) compare; and
How to get ahead in your law work experience applications.

Blended Small Group Work and Individual Sessions

Both the law Summer School and Easter Schools combine the perfect blend of small group and individual learning. Groups are small to ensure maximum levels of interactivity along with the highest quality tailored learning experience.

Group 7

Session Content in Detail

Please note, that timetables ma be adapted to provide the best possible experience.

Session NameObjectives
Law Insight DayLearn about the pathways into law and what the different legal professions (solicitor and barrister) involve. Put your questions to training and qualified solicitors and barristers about their experiences of legal practice and hear about their top tips for getting ahead.
Law at University Discover what you need to consider when weighing up universities (Oxbridge v non-Oxbridge)
Understand what the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will mean for you.
Hear from a current law student about what a day in life entails.
Take part in a short, interactive law lecture to experience what the study of law at uni involves.
Attend a live panel session with current law students to answer all your burning questions!
Personal Statement WorkshopGain top tips for your UCAS personal statement
Negotiation workshopLearn about the art of negotiation before taking part in a real life one!
LNAT and the Cambridge Law Test Understand what the tests involve and how to develop the skills required to score highly, with the opportunities to practice questions and write an LNAT essay.
Debating and mooting workshopA day of debating! Learn about the art of debating (a core skill for any budding lawyer) and take part in heated debates on a hot legal topic!
The Mock Trial - Day 1An introduction to the English Legal System Prepare for a mock trial in the Crown Court.
The Mock Trial - Day 2Take part in the live mock trial!
All about commercial law

Areas of the law

Building Commercial Awareness
Find out what life as a commercial lawyer involves and hear from a lawyer with experience at a leading commercial law firm.
Discover the different areas of legal practice and what is right for you!
Learn how you can develop your commercial awareness and why it’s vital to any aspiring lawyer.
Applying for law work experience Learn about the work experience opportunities available and how to get ahead in your applications. Learn about skills that are transferable to law. Panel session - hear from and put your questions to successful law applicants.
Interviewing for Law work experience

Hone your interview technique and take part in mock law interviews. Panel session - hear from and put your questions to successful law applicants.
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Is This Programme Right for Me?

The virtual law Summer School and Easter School are open to aspiring lawyers aged 16 and over, and graduate entry applicants are welcome to attend.

You should attend if:

  • You want to become an even stronger law candidate
  • You want to get ahead with LNAT prep, advocacy and commercial awareness
  • You want bespoke follow up exercises to consolidate your learning
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More Information About Law Summer School & Easter Schools

Is there an option to do the course in person?

We are planning to offer in-person and online options in 2023.

Are the sessions interactive?

Yes – there will be lots of opportunity to get involved in activities throughout the day and ask questions.

What's the difference between Easter and Summer Schools?

They are the same!

Which tools will I need/have access to?

You will need access to Zoom to do the online course. For in-person, you don’t need anything!

Who will teach the sessions?

Our dedicated team of experienced TLP tutors will lead the sessions.

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