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Geological map of Yemen

How to Discuss the Yemen Crisis in an International Law Context

August 7, 2020

What Should You Know About the Yemen Crisis? The Yemen crisis has been coined as ‘the world’s worst humanitarian crisis’ by the United Nations. The Yemen conflict between the Saudi-backed government forces and Iran-backed Houthi rebels has raged since early 2015, killing an estimated 100,000 civilians and leaving 80% of the population desperately reliant on…

Preparing your personal statement for law

What Do the Best Law Personal Statements Have in Common?

August 4, 2020

Writing a personal statement is a daunting task for any student applying to study law at university. While there is not necessarily a “recipe” or checklist that will guarantee you an offer, strong and successful personal statements do share some features. Read on for advice on key ingredients yours should feature to stand out to…

Commercial Awareness Update: Tech Giants Thriving, Why Microsoft Is Buying TikTok & More

August 3, 2020

What’s been happening in the commercial world over the last week? Read on to find out! Microsoft Reportedly Buying TikTok Last week, US President Donald Trump announced that he is seeking to ban TikTok in the US. The Chinese-owned video-sharing app has come under fire for security concerns, particularly due to the fact it is…

Surgical mask with NHS lanyard on top

The Lawyer Portal Monthly News: July 2020

Welcome to The Lawyer Portal Monthly News roundup for July 2020. This month, questions about whether the test and trace programme breaks GDPR data law, Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues working after being diagnosed with cancer, Johnny Depp’s libel action hits the high court and The Court of Appeal rules that Shamima Begum can return to…

What To Do If You Didn’t Get The Results You Wanted

July 31, 2020

Sometimes you’re having a bad day, the exam paper was hard or the one topic you dread shows up on the exam and leaves you with a lower grade than you expected. A-Level results day is approaching, and not everyone will get the grades they wanted, needed or feel they deserve. However, this isn’t the…

Clifford Chance’s SPARK Scheme Review

Clifford Chance’s graduate recruitment schemes are multi-award winning. Here we speak to a student who was recently a participant in the firm’s SPARK programme, who has detailed her experience. What was the application process like? The application for SPARK involved filling in the normal sections of work experience, grades etc. alongside a personal statement of…

Alternative law careers

Didn’t Get Into Law School? A Law Career is Still Possible!

If you’ve just received your A-Level results and realised that you didn’t get into law school, one thing to bear in mind is that not all careers in law actually require a degree. If you’ve missed out on your place at university there’s no need to panic – we’ve got your back and are here to…

A woman sits next to another woman and they both look at pieces of paper that are held in front of them

5 Tactics to Make the Most Out of Clearing

It was around this time last year where I thought I had everything in order. With a firm and insurance choice lined up and in the process of sitting exams, I was feeling pretty good. Something I had overlooked was going through Clearing. As I had not planned for this, when the time came to…

Law Personal Statement

How to Write a Great LLM Personal Statement

July 30, 2020

It is a big decision to pursue an LLM or Master of Laws after completion of your LLB. However, the decision to apply is not the final hurdle you have to face. Part of applying is writing the perfect LLM personal statement to persuade admissions tutors at your chosen institution that you are a suitable…

A-Level Law Student

What to Expect as a First Year A-Level Law Student

From your first class as an A-Level law student you will soon realise that studying law is hard. As an A-Level law student, I can confirm this is true – but that shouldn’t be a deterrent. Law is an extremely rewarding subject and by taking this at A-Level you develop skills which help you during…


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