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Transgender Court Cases that Made the News

January 22, 2020

There are several cases involving transgender discrimination that have made the headlines over the past few years. Read about how some of these transgender court cases concluded and the effects of them below. 1. Aimme Stephens at the centre of the first Supreme Court case involving civil rights of transgender people In 2013, Aimme Stephens…

Row of terraced houses in different shades of blue

Commercial Awareness Update: Trouble for Flybe and Arcadia, Good News for Housing Market?

January 20, 2020

What’s been going on in the commercial world over the past two weeks? Find out in TLP’s second 2020 commercial awareness update! Trouble for Regional Airline Flybe Last week, the government agreed on a rescue plan with regional airline Flybe. Ministers have agreed to work with Flybe to figure out a repayment plan for tax…

Clinical negligence cases

Landmark Clinical Negligence Cases

Clinical negligence cases incorporate a broad variety of medical issues, such as delays in medical diagnosis and misdiagnosis, birth injuries, substandard surgeries, wrongful births, mental health negligence, faulty medical device claims and dental negligence to name a few. Cases rarely go to court as both parties are keen to reach a settlement to avoid incurring…

Newspapers involved with media law cases

Noteworthy Media Law Cases of the Last Decade

January 16, 2020

Media law is a multi-faceted body of law that includes intellectual property, defamation, privacy, confidentiality and commercial contracts. At the dawning of the new decade, we reflect on notable media law cases that took place in the last ten years. Guardian News and Media Ltd & Ors, Re HM Treasury v Ahmed & Ors [2010]…

WATCH: Sidley Austin’s Virtual Open Day

Watch the full recording of Sidley Austin’s Virtual Open Day: 15 Nov 2019 Late last year, TLP held a virtual open day in patnership with leading international law firm Sidley Austin! During the one and a half-hour online event, aspiring solicitors put their burning questions before recruitment members and key players in this legal powerhouse….

Courts of Justice

Civil Law vs Criminal Law: What You Need to Know

January 15, 2020

Many people get confused by civil law vs criminal law. They make up the two main branches of law in the UK and cases relating to each branch are dealt with differently in a trial. They also call for different types of punishment. The difference between these types of law is dealt with in many…

Herbert Smith Freehills Interview: IP Litigation Partner Jonathan Turnbull

January 14, 2020

Read on to find out more about Herbert Smith Freehills from an IP Litigation Partner at the firm. Could you please tell us about your typical day at work? A typical day for me involves either getting into the office early so that I can leave in time to see my kids in the evening…

Advice From an LLM Student About Postgraduate Law Study

January 10, 2020

Lucy Sutcliff, an LLM student, studies Financial Law at King’s College London. Here are her top tips to consider before applying for your LLM. 1. The LLM is challenging Postgraduate legal studies are inherently more difficult than undergraduate courses because the depth of analysis and quality of work expected is much greater. Professors are no…

6 Things Joe Goldberg from Netflix’s “You” Could Have Gone to Court for

January 8, 2020

Last year, like a lot of people, I was gripped when Netflix released its original series You starring Penn Badgley. Based on books by Caroline Kepnes, the initial series introduces us to Joe Goldberg, a book shop manager in New York who develops an unhealthy obsession with a customer. This obsession leads him to undertake…

What’s the Difference Between Civil Rights and Human Rights?

January 6, 2020

As human beings, we have a series of rights in life that we are entitled to and enshrined in law. But what entitles us to these rights and is there a difference between human rights and civil rights? Read on to find out! What are Human Rights and Why do We Have Them? Human rights…


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