If you’re wondering which kind of law firm you should apply to for your training contract, you can find out with our two-minute quiz here!

The type of firm you choose to train with can be a big career decision. Although there’s nothing stopping you moving from a large firm to a smaller firm or vice versa once you qualify, choosing the right firm at which to complete your training contract is important.

Not only will the type of firm influence the work you do and the team you work in, it could also impact the area of law you practise in.

So why not take our two-minute quiz to help you decide whether a large, mid-size or small firm most suits you?

Remember that while this quiz is designed to give you a good idea of the size of firm that would suit you, remember that all firms are different and this quiz is only a fun indication!

Once you have your result, have a look at what skills make a good lawyer to get a better idea of the essential abilities required by any type of firm!

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