February 27, 2023
Vacation schemes offer irreplaceable insight into the role of a solicitor and a firm’s culture and environment, and provide an opportunity to network, build experience and explore career options. Find out what sets Dentons apart and why a vacation scheme at its Milton Keynes office may be the opportunity you need to jumpstart your career.


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Dentons is the world’s largest law firm, with locations in over 70 countries, housing 10,000 lawyers globally. Dentons offers an extraordinary experience to develop a stand-out and unique legal career, with over 40 training contracts offered across the UK in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, or Milton Keynes.

The firm has been an active member of the Milton Keynes community for over 25 years, offering 5 training contract opportunities a year at its office. To support aspiring solicitors in building their experience and to get to know the firm, the Milton Keynes firm offers a Summer Vacation scheme, running from 3-14 July 2023.

The scheme is aimed at providing training and networking opportunities for aspiring lawyers, as well as real work experience to see what a career at Dentons could be like.

Vacation Schemes at Dentons

The Dentons vacation scheme is designed to allow candidates to get a feel for what life is like while working at Dentons. You will have the opportunity to sit in at least two practice areas, sharing an office with your supervisor and working closely with a trainee buddy to get a taste of responsibility at the firm.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to develop their skills in targeted workshops and training sessions, as well as to grow their network with social events and formal and informal networking.

The breadth of activities and opportunities defines Dentons’ vacation scheme. It is a chance to build on your knowledge, experience and training, and have the chance to receive and offer feedback throughout.

Benefits of doing a Vacation Scheme

Deepen your knowledge

A vacation scheme gives candidates a top opportunity to get to know the firm, its culture and its values. A Dentons vacation scheme ensures that candidates have ample time to get involved with the firm and its work, to guarantee that candidates get a real feel of life at Dentons and have the chance to consider their career options.

“The Vacation Scheme is about working out whether Dentons is the right fit for you, as well as Dentons working out whether you are the right fit for them. Make sure you enjoy the process too – the friends I made on the Vacation Scheme, that I am now doing my Training Contract with, are some of my closest friends.” – Jordan Baker, current trainee 

Training contract assessment

A Dentons Vacation Scheme also provides candidates with automatic training contract assessment. This means that not only does the vacation scheme provide the opportunity to gain legal work experience, it also presents a chance to jumpstart your career at Dentons.


The Dentons vacation scheme ensures that you’ll make contacts that could be key to building your legal career. Candidates are provided with specialist support from their supervisor and a trainee buddy, and will have the opportunity to meet various teams through workshops, formal networking sessions and social events.

“My favourite part of the vacation scheme was getting the opportunity to speak with people from all levels at the firm, particularly as everyone was so willing to share their experiences.” – Olivia Gerard-Pearse, current trainee

Gain Legal Work Experience at Dentons

Dentons has been part of the Milton Keynes fabric for over 25 years, initially helping to advise on its development and construction as an emerging town. The Milton Keynes firm has continued to provide pragmatic, strategic advice to local, national, and international clients and was recently rated the best place to do business in the UK by the Business Location Index.

Dentons values more than what’s expected- its success is built around its core values to always be open, honest and empathetic to one another, its clients and the community. Dentons is also aware of its impact and influence, and ensures its goals maintain a responsible business ethos that values the environment, inclusion & diversity, wellbeing, pro bono and the community.

The Milton Keynes office offers 5 training contracts per year, providing the opportunity for successful trainees to complete seats in all of Dentons’s key UK practice areas, as well as client and international secondments.

Vacation Scheme Deadlines

Applications for the 2023 Dentons Milton Keynes Summer Vacation Scheme are currently open and will close at 11:59 pm on 12th March 2023.

The scheme will run in the Summer of 2023, between 3-14 July.

How to Apply

To be eligible to apply, you must either be in the penultimate or final year of your law degree, in the final year of a non law degree, or be a graduate. Note that you are only eligible to apply to one position per academic year, therefore, candidates who have already submitted an application to Dentons in this academic year won’t be eligible to apply for the 2023 vacation scheme.

The application process starts with a written application form, which will give you the chance to impress recruiters by outlining education, work experience and extracurricular activities – whatever sets you apart.

If your written application meets their requirements, the next step is a legal high potential assessment, offering scenario-based, numerical and verbal questions, and a short video interview to find well-rounded individuals.

If you are successful, the next step will be a video interview and finally an assessment centre, made up of two exercises: a written exercise & role play as well as a case study & final interview. Check out our article for top tips on how to prepare for a vacation scheme interview.

The application process ensures that Dentons remains the world’s leading law firm by recruiting the best – a typical trainee at Dentons doesn’t exist, instead the application process allows you to show your potential, beyond grades, qualifications and experience.


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