Master The LNAT With Private Tutoring

Our expert LNAT Tutors will equip you with proven techniques to excel in the test. Plus, we'll cover the systematic strategies that can be applied to the LNAT essay-writing task, which many students struggle with.

Bespoke Tuition

Personalised sessions tailored to your current performance and LNAT goals.

Private Sessions

Learn at your own speed without being held back by other students.

Master The Essay

Wow admissions tutors with an impressive LNAT essay.

Improve Your Score With LNAT Tutoring

Private LNAT tutoring can cover any aspects of the LNAT exam that you’d like to focus on, whether that’s:

  • Learning proven strategies to tackle any question
  • Strengthening your performance with supervised practice.
  • Focusing on verbal reasoning or other personal pain points
  • Honing your writing skills to get top essay marks.

Pedagogy Overseen By Lawyers and Legal Educators

Our pedagogy has been created by lawyers and legal educators. We aim to use Krathwohl’s six stages of learning to coach our LNAT tutees towards unconscious competence. This means that achieving higher LNAT scores will hopefully become second nature!


We're Specialists in Law Teaching, Focused on the LNAT

We get many applications from students who’d like to tutor with us – but we only select the best. Every LNAT Tutor is handpicked by our team to ensure our exceptional standards are maintained.

Group 2

Not Just Tutors But Role Models, Too

We believe that applicants should look up to our LNAT Tutors. As well as goal-driven teaching, they need to offer inspiration and motivation. To work for us, tutors need to be engaging, enthusiastic and motivating.

Group 15

Save Money With Multi-Hour Discounts

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5 Hours


LNAT Tutoring

  • 5 hours of LNAT Tutoring
  • Scheduled by our coordinators
  • Save 5% on the hourly rate
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Save 10%
8 Hours


LNAT Tutoring

  • 8 hours of LNAT Tutoring
  • Scheduled by our coordinators
  • Save 10% on the hourly rate
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15 Hours


LNAT Tutoring

  • 15 hours of LNAT Tutoring
  • Scheduled by our coordinators
  • Save 5% on the hourly rate
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Boost Your LNAT Score And Save Up To 25%

Combine the best LNAT prep with the best discount when you choose a package

LNAT Packages

LNAT Tutoring FAQs

How do I book LNAT tutoring?

You can book your tutoring by clicking the buttons on this page. Once you have made a booking, a member of the TLP team will be in touch to confirm your preferred date/s and time.

Where do the sessions take place?

Our LNAT tutoring is now online in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, meaning you can complete your sessions from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are available in one to five-hour slots.

When should I book my LNAT tutoring?

We advise you not to leave a big gap between your workshop and LNAT exam so the information is still fresh in your mind!

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