Free LNAT Practice Test

Our LNAT practice test with answers is a completely free resource that gives you a preview of what you can expect from Section A of the official, computer-based LNAT exam. It’s a powerful interactive tool you can use to work through multiple choice questions under timed conditions, and identify areas where you need to improve so you know how to prepare for LNAT. You can compare your score with the average user performance of others who have tried our LNAT practice tests.

Interactive Practice

This is an interactive practice experience, designed to help you prepare for your upcoming LNAT exam.

80+ LNAT Questions

Our practice LNAT test includes over 80 questions with answers, covering a variety of topics to test your skills.

Timed Conditions

Each question is timed to reflect the real test experience. You can review how long it takes you to give your answers.

Get an LNAT Score

Once you’ve submitted your answers, your LNAT test will be marked and you will get an illustrative LNAT score, which you can save.

Benchmark Performance

You can compare your score with the average performance of other LNAT practice test users.

Unlimited Use

Take the LNAT practice test as many times as you need to. Practice makes perfect.

Practice Different Types Of LNAT Questions

Our online LNAT practice question bank for Section A of the exam contains a variety of questions on a wide-range of topics – similar to the official test – including:

  • Current Affairs
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Law
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A Powerful Interactive Resource

This free LNAT practice test is a fully interactive resource designed to reflect the LNAT, giving you an illustrative score. As well as getting a forensic understanding of each correct answer, you will be able to diagnose where you need to focus your LNAT preparation.

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Compare Your Score Against Other Users

You can compare your score with the average user performance of others who have taken our LNAT practice test. You can also save your scores and use these as benchmarks when retaking the test to monitor your improvement.

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Try LNAT Section A Questions Free

You can try out our LNAT multiple choice questions completely free before subscribing to our LNAT prep packages. Every single question is presented in an easy to follow format, closely reflecting the conditions of the official LNAT exam.

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Boost Your LNAT Score

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Learning Outcomes Of Taking Our LNAT Practice Questions

Our LNAT practice test is designed to help you improve your performance in the exam. Some of the learning outcomes you can expect, include:

  • Improving your ability to quickly read and interpret passages of text, and then answer a series of questions.
  • Seeing questions you have answered incorrectly to understand where you need to strengthen.
  • Familiarisation with the test format of Section A of the LNAT exam.
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How Else Can I Practice For LNAT?

Other ways you can practice to prepare for LNAT include:

  • Booking an online LNAT workshop – spend half a day with specialist tutors to learn key LNAT strategies and practice how to answer exam questions.
  • Enrol on an exclusive online LNAT course – get access to hours of video tutorials, created by lawyers, and featuring practice questions.
  • Work with a tutor – for a more personalised experience, work with a specialised tutor to focus on practising specific areas of the LNAT exam
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