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We’re an award-winning platform for legal career guidance, partnered with the UK’s top professional bodies and the University of Law. With a community of over 2 million website users, we’ve got the reach and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Struggling to Reach Top Talent

Award-Winning Platform: Partnered with top bodies and the University of Law, guiding over 2M users.

Limited Visibility

Winning Connections: Partnered with top law firms, 500 schools, ensuring best candidates.

Networking Gap

Unique Partnerships: With top bodies, we offer unmatched visibility and collaboration.

Difficulty in Standing Out

Thriving Network: 30,000 subscribers, robust social media, extensive visibility.

Engagement Ineffectiveness

Tailored Content: Our specialists create captivating material, helping you stand out.

Student Relationships

Student Ambassadors: Program fosters connections with students, future legal professionals.


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We have an excellent relationship with The Lawyer Portal and they have provided extensive support in the recruitment of our Campus Ambassadors across the UK. The response is always fast and the process totally seamless.

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