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Welcome to The Lawyer Portal

See what The Lawyer Portal does and how we can help you get ahead - whatever stage you're at in the application process. We offer free guides written by lawyers, courses and conferences, and a growing range of online learning tools. Plus we put out new blogs all the time and have our own community where you can exchange questions and answers with like-minded lawyers of the future. Watch this 60-second video and see for yourself how TLP can help you today!

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Applying for training contracts? The Lawyer Portal is here to help. We know that training contracts are more competitive than ever. We've got loads of free information to help you succeed in your training contract applications - and to stand out in those nerve-wracking training contract interviews. Plus we offer conferences and workshops aimed at training contract applicants. See how The Lawyer Portal addresses all your training contract needs.

Learn about Pupillage

If you want to become a barrister, you'll have to apply for pupillage at chambers. You will usually have done a mini pupillage before this. But what is pupillage? And what is meant by 'sixes'? If you see yourself as a future barrister, watch this video to learn more about pupillage and the things you need to consider to get it!

CILEx Route into Law

You can get into law with the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) after completing your GCSEs and A-Levels. Find out more by watching Jonathan Taylor discuss his experience as a Trainee Chartered Legal Executive and the CILEx route into law after A-Levels.

Simmons & Simmons: Online Interview Top Tips

Law firms are using online interviews more often as part of their recruitment processes to screen candidates virtually before inviting them for a face to face interview. Want to know how to stand out in your online training contract interviews? Discover Simmons & Simmons' top tips in their video.

The Bar Council: The Bar Is Open To All

Want to become a barrister? The Bar Council is committed to widening access to the Bar, ensuring that it is open to everyone with the ambition and talent to practise as a barrister, regardless of background. Watch their video on widening access to the Bar here.

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Weekly News Summary – 26th June 2017

Weekly News Summary – 26th June 2017

“Welcome to your Lawyer Portal weekly news summary. This post will cover the legal news stories from 19th – 25th June. This week the Grenfell Tower tragedy sparks discussions about its possible legal consequences, a father from the Isle of Wight loses his legal battle over his daughter’s absence from school and the Supreme Court...”

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Pro Bono Experience: Jenny

Pro Bono Experience: Jenny

“If you struggle to find law work experience, you could always start off by participating in pro bono work first, which is free legal volunteering. One of my most recent pro bono experiences was a placement with law firm, Reed Smith LLP, which I attended last month. How should I look for pro bono work?...”

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LLB Revision: Top 10 Tips

LLB Revision: Top 10 Tips

“As it gets closer to summer exam time, the thought of revision might be slowly starting to creep into your mind. Revising for your LLB exams can be a daunting task, but there are plenty of ways to prepare. Although everyone is likely to have different revision techniques, here are a few top tips to get...”

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