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When considering a career at the Bar, it is usually necessary to determine which practice area you are most suited to so that you can apply for pupillage at sets of chambers with an according legal specialism. 

Barristers in England and Wales traditionally practise in three broad divisions: civil law, family law and criminal law. However, for the purposes of personality types and skill-sets, it is often more helpful to look at three different categories: Commercial and Chancery work, Family and Criminal work and Mixed Common Law practice which comprises Personal Injury, Professional Negligence, Employment disputes and some Family and Crime amongst other areas. There is also the important exception of the Employed Bar, which you should look at separately.

So what practice area is the best option for you? Take our fun two-minute quiz to help you decide!

This quiz is designed to give you a helpful steer as to which practice area you might be suited to. Remember, however, that this quiz is only an indication and is meant to be fun!

Once you have your result, have a look at what skills make a good lawyer to get a better idea of the key skills invaluable to the legal profession. 

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