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Training Contract Online Interview

Law firms are using online interviews more and more as part of their recruitment processes to screen candidates virtually before inviting them for a face to face training contract interview. This page will detail all you need to know about a training contract online interview.

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An online training contract interview generally takes one of two forms:

Live Training Contract Online Interview

These are generally conducted via Skype, FaceTime or a similar application and as such are a virtual form of face to face interview. Members of the graduate recruitment team and/or solicitors at the firm are usually present. In advance of your online training contract interview, you may receive more precise details of who will be interviewing you on the day.

Pre-Recorded Training Contract Online Interview

You will be required to answer between four and eight ‘pre-recorded’ questions which will flash up on the screen intermittently. For each question, you will be given a period of ‘thinking time’ before being filmed providing your answer, which again will be time limited to a minute or two. Once the interview is complete, the recording will be automatically submitted to the law firm in question.

‘Pre-recorded’ training contract interviews tend to be used in the early stages of the recruitment process as a means of whittling down the number of candidates.

Training Contract Online Interview: Preparation

On the day of your training contract online interview, it is important to ensure that you create a calm, professional and organised environment in which to complete your interview. Ensure that:

What Will I be Asked at a Training Contract Interview?

For an idea of what you might be asked during your interview, you can visit our page on Training Contract Interview Questions.

Training Contract Online Interview: Top Tips

When the day of your training contract online interview finally arrives, here are our top tips to do well:

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