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Training Contract Interview Questions

Wondering what you may be asked in your training contract interview? You’ve come to the right place! This page details common training contract interview questions as well as top tips on how to answer them, written by Izzy, who secured a training contract at a top London law firm.

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 Typical Training Contract Interview Questions

Application processes at law firms are notoriously complicated, and are usually made up of many stages and tasks to complete. This means that you are guaranteed to have at least one interview along the way to bagging a training contract – and it will play in your favour if you are well prepared for the questions in advance. In light of this, here are some examples of training contract interview questions.

Common Questions

Application Questions

Law Firm Questions

Competency Questions

Commercial Awareness Questions


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Training Contract Interview Questions: Top Tips

Finally, remember that interviews are a really good way for you to get to know a firm better too. For example, if you’re feeling uncomfortable and unable to answer questions, this might mean that the firm isn’t a very good match for you. Conversely, the interviews in which you feel the most comfortable may be a good indicator that the firm is right for you.

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