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Training Contract Telephone Interview

Following submission of a successful training contract application, you may be invited to attend a training contract telephone interview. This is usually a preliminary stage which allows recruiters to assess whether they wish to invite you in for a more formal and detailed face to face interview.

Training Contract Telephone Interview: Building Rapport

Unlike face to face interviews and Skype-based online interviews, you will not be able to physically see your interviewer in a training contract telephone interview. This arguably creates more of a challenge in terms of building rapport. Customary interview techniques of eye contact, physical movement and animation cannot be employed to connect with the interviewer over the phone.

As a result, it’s important to think about alternative techniques you can use to build rapport during your training contract telephone interview, which may include:

Training Contract Telephone Interview: Preparation

Telephone interviews are frequently used as a way of initially whittling down candidate numbers. As such, interviews tend to be shorter as compared with face to face interviews for example. That being said, it is vital NOT to skimp on preparation for this type of training contract interview. Thorough research and preparation is vital even at this early stage in the process.

What Will I be Asked at a Training Contract Interview?

For an idea of what you might be asked during your interview, you can visit our page on Training Contract Interview Questions.

Training Contract Telephone Interview: Top Tips

When the day of your training contract telephone interview finally arrives, here are our top tips to do well:

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