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4 Qualities You Need to Show in Interviews

If you are reading this article you may have heard the usual qualities or ‘values’ every vacation scheme or training contract applicant should have.

I want to shed some light onto those less obvious, but I believe just as crucial.

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What Are Qualities/Values?

Before we dive into it, let’s explain what values are:

Important because; “When your values are clear, making decisions comes easier to you” – Roy E. Disney.

Proverbial Wisdom

Plenty of vacation scheme promoters use marketable terms if asked the question, ‘How does one secure a vacation scheme?’

Apparently, you must be:

However, I don’t believe these terms sufficiently explain the distinct values you need to succeed in the role, rather they are base requirements for any job.

Values Less Well-Known

Having spoken to numerous barristers, solicitors, paralegals, judges in varying environments, the values these are the less well known but crucial attributes to succeed:

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Honesty and Humility

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure” – James Altucher.

For vacation schemes, this means being able to be truthful without being abrasive.

For example:

In these cases, your honesty may result in further training. It always promotes trusting relationship which will benefit you in support and respect.

Kindness and Good Manners

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” – Clarence Thomas.

Often, we are told the legal industry is cutthroat, with city firms epitomising ruthlessness. Rather, the ability to rise above this mentality is highly commendable.

It is often advised to seek out work to better demonstrate your skills. By treating individuals with respect and kindness, there is a greater chance that they will offer to help you in the future and open opportunities for your benefit.

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“When things go wrong, don’t go with them” – Elvis Presley.

Whatever role you have in this industry, there will be times when you find it difficult or draining. Rather than have exhausted and unenthusiastic employees, senior staff will look for positive candidates. The more positive your mentality, the more enjoyable you will find your role.

A few steps to be positive:

It is possible to make the most stressful or tiresome work, a manageable learning experience. And employers will be more likely to take on a positive and proactive candidate than one who is an outward pessimist.

Sympathy, Patience & Empathy

Patience is a key element of success” – Bill Gates.

Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world” – Barack Obama.

There will be times during your professional working life when your workload will seem deliberately demanding or unfair. It is in these instances which you will need to practice patience and understanding.

It’s therefore important to:


Ultimately all the above values, whilst they may not be as obvious from a job application, will help you when applying for a vacation scheme or training contract.

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Author: Cameron Haden


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