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Training Contract Interview Guide

A training contract interview can be a nerve-wracking event. That’s why knowing what to expect is vital to boosting your confidence ahead of the day.

Use this page to guide you through the different types of assessments you may be invited to attend – whether they’re online, phone or face-to-face interviews.

You’ll also find some top interview tips which will help give you the best possible chance of receiving that all-important training contract offer!

Types of Training Contract Interviews

There are three main types of training contract interviews:

  1. Telephone Interview. Usually the first of several stages, it allows recruiters to assess whether or not to invite you in for a more formal and thorough face-to-face interview. See our tips for training contract telephone interviews. Read our tips for training contract telephone interviews.
  2. Video Interview. Often conducted via Skype, FaceTime or a similar app with the graduate recruitment team and/or solicitors at the firm. Check out these tips for training contract video interviews.
  3. Face to Face Interviews. Likely to be the final interview you will have before a decision is made. Read our tips for training contract face-to-face interviews.

Training Contract Interview Questions

Knowing the types of training contract interview questions you’re likely to be asked will help you to prepare ahead of the big day. There are generally five different types of questions:

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For more specific help and example questions, check out our blog on training contract interview questions and answers.

Training Contract Interview Questions to Ask

At the end of your training contract interview, you’ll probably be asked if you have any questions yourself.

It’s not easy thinking of questions to ask on the spot. However, if you’ve done enough research into the firms you’re applying to, you should have a good amount of information to refer to for potential questions to ask your interviewees.

Good training contract interview questions to ask include:

What to do After Your Training Contract Interview

It’s important to follow up after your training contract interview just like with any other job assessment.

Writing a short email thanking the interviewers for their time and even sending a further question or two will show your potential employer that you’re serious about your application. This will make them more inclined to remember you when they’re going through the final selection process.

Training Contract Interview Tips

Hilda-Georgina Kwafo-Akoto is a Trainee Solicitor at Bristows LLP. She gave us her top training contract interview tips:

1. Do Your Research

2. Express Yourself Well

Visit our commercial awareness example questions page for some questions to prepare you for your commercial awareness law firm interview.

3. Come Prepared

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