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Barrister vs Solicitor Quiz – Which One Are You?

Take our 2-minute Barrister vs Solicitor Quiz and find out if you’re better suited to being a solicitor or a barrister – or if the jury is still out!

You’ve seen the qualities that make a great lawyer. But what type of lawyer are you? This short quiz, written by lawyers, is designed to give you an indication.

Come this way for a clearly set out description of the differences between a solicitor and a barrister. But it might be more fun if you take the quiz first!

The questions show how you react in various situations. It takes account of fundamental traits, as well as your personal preferences.

Remember, while the Barrister vs Solicitor Quiz has been written to give a good indication whether you’re a natural born solicitor or barrister, it’s designed to be fun and is only indicative.

We hope you enjoy it! When you’re done, remember to read up on how to become a solicitor and how to become a barrister.

Solicitor v. Barrister

Find out whether you're more suited to being a solicitor or barrister.

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