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Weekly News Summary – 2nd May 2017

May 2, 2017

The SRA have announced that the brand new route to solicitor qualification will be fully implemented by 2020. Read more of this week's legal news here!

Weekly Law News

Weekly News Summary – 24th April 2017

April 24, 2017

This week, the prime minister Theresa May has announced a snap general election on 8th June. Read more of this week's legal news here!

cyberbullying law

Law Guides: Internet Trolling and Cyberbullying Law

April 20, 2017

Wondering what internet trolling is? Is there a cyberbullying law? This blog details internet harassment, hate crime legislation and online crime.

Cyber Crime

Law Guides: Cyber Crime

April 20, 2017

Wondering what cyber crime is in relation to UK laws? This blog explores the different types of cyber crime and how it affects business.

Planned Parenthood

Weekly News Summary – 18th April 2017

April 19, 2017

Welcome to your weekly TLP news summary. This week, Donald Trump has signed a law aimed at cutting abortion funding - read more legal news here.

Law School

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned at Law School

January 13, 2017

Wondering what law school is like? One student tells us what they have learned at university, from applying to law firms early to reading efficiently.

Making your application stand out

Top 5 Tips for Any Application

January 13, 2017

Make your application flawless with our expert strategies.

Tips for Getting Training Contracts

5 Tips for Getting Training Contracts

January 13, 2017

Read our top 5 tips on researching and demonstrating your commitment to law.


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