If you’re a law student in the UK aspiring to join CMS, one of the most prestigious law firms, this article will equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to excel in the Watson Glaser test. By understanding the test’s purpose, preparing effectively, and leveraging available resources, you can enhance your critical thinking skills and increase your chances of success in the competitive world of law.

About CMS

CMS is a prominent global law firm that has been making its mark since its establishment in 1999. With a strong presence in 46 countries and employing over 4800 professionals, CMS operates through its 76 offices worldwide. The firm’s expertise extends across various sectors, including consumer products, real estate, hotels and leisure, infrastructure, financial institutions, energy and climate change, and technology, media, and communications.

By embracing future-facing law and prioritising diversity, inclusion, and flexibility, CMS stands as a leading global law firm that remains at the forefront of the legal industry. With their commitment to innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and an inclusive work environment, CMS continues to shape the future of law and provide exceptional services to clients worldwide.

CMS Application Process

The CMS application process comprises four distinct stages:

1. Online application form

The initial step in the CMS application process involves completing an online application form. This form serves as an opportunity for candidates to provide their personal information, academic qualifications, work experience, and any additional relevant details.

2. Online test

Once the online application form is submitted, candidates proceed to the online test stage. This test is specifically designed to assess candidates against the core skills and abilities necessary for a successful career at CMS. The test may include sections that evaluate critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving capabilities.

3. Video interview

Successful candidates who pass the online test will be invited to participate in a video interview. The video interview is typically conducted using pre-recorded questions, allowing candidates to record their responses within a given timeframe. This stage allows CMS to gain further insights into candidates’ communication skills, motivation, and suitability for the firm.

4. Assessment day

The final stage of the CMS application process is the assessment day. This is a comprehensive evaluation conducted in person at the CMS offices or virtually. The assessment day may consist of various activities, such as group exercises, case studies, individual interviews, and presentations. These activities assess candidates’ teamwork, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and ability to perform under pressure. 

What Is The Watson Glaser Test?

The Watson Glaser Test is a critical thinking assessment employed by law firms worldwide, including CMS. This test aims to evaluate your ability to analyse complex information, draw logical conclusions, and make sound judgments. It consists of multiple-choice questions that assess your critical thinking skills in various scenarios relevant to the legal profession. With a time limit typically ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, the test challenges candidates to think quickly and effectively.

Watson Glaser Test for CMS

CMS, renowned for its global presence and diverse practice areas, incorporates the Watson Glaser Test into its recruitment process. By utilising this test, CMS seeks to identify candidates who possess the intellectual capabilities necessary to thrive in their demanding work environment.

The test is carefully designed to evaluate candidates’ critical thinking abilities in a manner that aligns with CMS’s unique requirements and expectations. The scenarios and questions presented in the test are crafted to reflect the types of challenges and complexities that candidates may encounter in their roles at CMS. By tailoring the test to their specific needs, CMS can effectively assess candidates’ analytical reasoning, ability to evaluate arguments, and capacity to draw accurate conclusions within the context of the legal profession.

Performing well in the Watson Glaser Test can significantly enhance a candidate’s chances of securing a position within CMS. It demonstrates their ability to think critically, make sound judgments, and analyse complex information – all essential skills for success in the firm. By utilising the Watson Glaser Test, CMS can efficiently identify individuals who possess the intellectual acumen and critical thinking abilities required to excel in their diverse practice areas and demanding client work.

Candidates aspiring to join CMS should recognise the importance of preparing specifically for the Watson Glaser Test tailored for CMS. By familiarising themselves with the firm’s values, researching its practice areas, and practising sample questions relevant to CMS’s legal context, candidates can increase their readiness and maximise their performance in this crucial assessment.

What To Expect

The Watson Glaser Test for CMS is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate candidates’ critical thinking abilities and analytical reasoning skills. When preparing for this test, it is essential to have an understanding of what to expect during the assessment. Here are some key points to consider:

Test sections: The Watson Glaser Test for CMS typically consists of multiple-choice questions divided into different sections. These sections may assess your ability to evaluate arguments, analyse information, draw logical conclusions, and recognise assumptions.

Time constraints: The test is conducted under timed conditions, with a specified time limit for each section. It is crucial to manage your time effectively to ensure you can complete all the questions within the given timeframe.

Complex scenarios: The test presents candidates with complex scenarios, often related to the legal field or situations that professionals at CMS may encounter. You will be required to analyse the provided information, assess the validity of arguments, and make informed decisions based on logical reasoning.

Critical thinking skills: The Watson Glaser Test emphasises critical thinking skills such as deductive and inductive reasoning, evaluating evidence, and identifying strengths and weaknesses in arguments. Expect questions that require you to analyse, interpret, and draw conclusions based on the presented information.


Excel in the Watson Glaser Test

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How To Prepare For The Watson Glaser Test

Preparing for the Watson Glaser Test for CMS is essential to maximise your chances of success. Here are some effective strategies and tips to help you prepare for this critical assessment:

Understand the test format

Familiarise yourself with the structure and format of the Watson Glaser Test for CMS. Understand the types of questions that may be asked and the time constraints for each section.

Practice sample questions

Utilise available resources and practice sample questions specifically tailored for the Watson Glaser Test. This will help you become familiar with the types of reasoning and critical thinking skills assessed in the test. Using Job Test Prep is a great way to get practising, since they offer a diagnostic Watson Glaser test, 20+ additional practice tests and five interactive study guides. For the best results, it’s important to practice frequently, assess your performance and learn from any mistakes to keep improving.

Develop critical thinking skills

Enhance your critical thinking abilities by engaging in activities that require logical reasoning; practice analysing arguments and evaluating information. This can include reading complex articles, solving puzzles, and engaging in debates or discussions.

Stay updated with legal issues

Keep abreast of current legal affairs, industry trends, and relevant case studies. This will help you develop a broader understanding of legal contexts and enhance your ability to analyse legal scenarios.

Time management

Practice time management skills to ensure that you can effectively allocate time for each question and complete the test within the given timeframe. This will help you avoid rushing and ensure accuracy in your responses.

Seek guidance and resources

Consider utilising preparation resources such as study guides, books, online courses, and practice tests specifically designed for the Watson Glaser Test. Additionally, seek guidance from mentors, career advisors, or individuals who have successfully gone through the CMS recruitment process.

Watson Glaser Resources

Preparing for the Watson Glaser Test for CMS requires utilising available resources specifically tailored to this assessment. Here are some valuable resources and strategies to aid your preparation:

Official CMS Resources: Start by checking if CMS provides any official resources, sample questions, or practice tests for the Watson Glaser Test. These resources, if available, can provide insights into the format and style of questions you may encounter.

Online Practice Tests: Utilise online platforms that offer practice tests specifically designed for the Watson Glaser Test. These platforms often provide comprehensive question banks and timed simulations to help you familiarise yourself with the test format and improve your critical thinking skills. The practice WG tests from Job Test Prep are considered realistic, for example.

Study Guides and Books: Look for study guides or books that focus on critical thinking skills and logical reasoning. These resources can provide valuable insights, strategies, and practice exercises to enhance your analytical abilities.

Watson Glaser Test Courses: Consider enrolling in online courses or workshops that specifically target the Watson Glaser Test. These courses provide structured lessons, expert guidance, and interactive exercises to help you develop the necessary skills and techniques.

Critical Thinking Exercises: Engage in critical thinking exercises beyond the scope of the Watson Glaser Test. Solve puzzles, riddles, and brainteasers to sharpen your logical reasoning skills and enhance your ability to analyse information effectively.

Mock Tests & Timed Practice: Take advantage of mock tests and timed Watson Glaser practice tests to simulate the test environment. This will help you improve your time management skills and help you get accustomed to answering questions within the allocated time frame.

Key Takeaways

Mastering the Watson Glaser Test for CMS is a crucial step toward launching your successful career in law. By dedicating time to comprehensive preparation, understanding the test’s format and expectations, and leveraging valuable resources, you can showcase your critical thinking abilities and stand out as a competitive candidate. Remember to practise regularly, seek guidance from experienced professionals, and approach the test with confidence.

With determination and strategic preparation, you can unlock incredible opportunities and embark on a rewarding journey in the dynamic field of law!


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