It’s important to prepare for the Watson Glaser test – and these two free tests are the perfect way to start!

The Lawyer Portal’s Free Watson Glaser Test

Our free Watson Glaser Practice Test will put you through 18 questions, to give you a hint of what to expect from the full aptitude test used by law firms.

This practice test includes questions designed to test your decision-making and judgement-forming skills. It also looks at your critical thinking skills, your assessment of strong and weak arguments and your ability to recognise whether conclusions follow or not.

When you complete a question you’ll be able to see whether it was right or wrong, and view a model answer. You’ll also get detailed statistics on how your performance compares to everyone else.


Take The Free Watson Glaser Practice Tests

Maximise your prep with these two free tests

The Lawyer Portal's TestJobTestPrep's Test

JobTestPrep’s Free Watson Glaser Testwatson glaser practice test

Take a look at the JobTestPrep website, where you can practise with two full-length Watson Glaser tests, additional practise questions (290 in total), normalised test scores per position, comprehensive explanations and solving tips and video tutorials for verbal reasoning!

Just follow this link.

Try JobTestPrep's Free Watson Glaser Test

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