Enhance your Watson Glaser test preparation with our free Watson Glaser practice test with answers. Track your Watson Glaser test performance and boost your score. Plus, you can try JobTestPrep’s free Watson Glaser Test for extra practice.

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Take our Watson Glaser practice test to support your studies. You can access the free Watson Glaser practice test for free and sharpen your skills to ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam.

Why Try A Watson Glaser Practice Test?

Trying a Watson Glaser free practice test enables you to familiarise yourself with the format and content of the exam, giving you an idea of what to expect when you sit it for real. You will get an understanding of the types of questions asked in the exam, while developing tactics that you can use to answer specific questions.

You can practice Watson Glaser critical thinking test questions under timed conditions to ensure that you give your responses within the allotted time. You can identify points of strength and where improvement is needed, and adjust your study focus accordingly.

Take practice tests as many times as you need, to improve your score and ensure that you are fully ready for the Watson Glaser exam.

Continuously taking Watson Glaser practice tests will improve your ability to draw inferences from facts, recognise assumptions, deduce whether conclusions are supported by facts or not, interpret evidence and evaluate arguments, equipping you to pass the exam.

This increases your employability potential among major employers, such as the Government Legal Service, Linklaters, Clifford Chance and Hogan Lovells among others, who use the Watson Glaser test to pre-screen candidates.

How To Use The Free Online Watson Glaser Practice Test

The free, online Watson Glaser practice exam features 18 questions designed to test your decision-making, critical thinking and judgement forming skills. Your ability to assess strong and weak arguments and recognise whether a conclusion follows the facts or not will also be tested.

The test is structured in a way that replicates the conditions of a real Watson Glaser exam, with questions that could feature in your actual test. You will be presented with a series of questions, each of which you must answer to move on to the next question.

Your responses are timed and recorded. Once you have completed the Watson Glaser practice test you will be presented with a performance score, the time it took you to complete the exam, and how your results compare with others who have taken the practice test.

Any questions that you answer incorrectly you can review and see explanations behind the correct answer.

If you leave the Watson Glaser practice test at any point, it will restart where you left off the next time that you log in.

Use of the Watson Glaser practice exam is unlimited. You can take the practice test as many times as you need, and monitor the improvement in your score.

Why Sign-Up For The Free Watson Glaser Practice Test?

  • Realistic simulation – practice answering Watson Glaser test questions under real exam conditions and devise tactics for submitting your answers in ample time.
  • See answers – Get the answers to Watson Glaser questions complete with explanations to identify your areas of strength and improvement.
  • Monitor performance – Access score records to see your development.
  • Compare your results – Track how your Watson Glaser practice test results compare with other test takers with our average test score comparison feature.
  • It’s 100% free – Our Watson Glaser test practice is completely free to use.

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Job Test Prep’s Free Watson Glaser Test

Job Test Prep’s free Watson Glaser test samples include 2 full-length exams, 23 additional practice drills and 8 PDF study guides. The 2 full-length tests enable you to familiarise yourself with the structure of the exam, understand the content and test yourself under time constraints.

The 23 additional practice drills give you the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge of topics that you are weaker in. And the 8 study guides equip you to understand the theory behind each test section and the best ways to answer the questions.

Job Test Prep has been providing preparation resources for the Watson Glaser exam in 2014 and is currently the official preparation provider for Oxford and Cambridge.


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