From insightful tips to a curated list of questions to ask law firms, this guide is your passport to making the most of every law firm Open Day. Once you’ve done your research and have an idea of which law firms you’re interested in, check out our Law Firm Events page for a list of upcoming opportunities. 

Law Firm Open Days

Imagine a day dedicated to gaining a profound understanding of the inner workings of a law firm, where you can engage with experienced associates, trainees, and recruiters. This is the essence of a Law Firm Open Day. Far more than a casual glimpse into the legal profession, these events offer a highly coveted opportunity to bolster your legal CV.

Law firm open days are scheduled at various intervals throughout the year, providing ample chances to explore a diverse array of legal institutions. Be sure to consult our law firm open day calendar to stay informed about upcoming events.

What Happens At An Open Day?

A law firm open day is no ordinary affair; it’s a range of activities designed to give you a 360-degree view of what it’s like to work at a law firm. Here’s what you can expect: 

Explore different practice areas

Delve into presentations unveiling the diverse practice areas of law firms like Clifford Chance, where you’ll explore the intricacies of corporate law, dispute resolution, and more. Witness the riveting work associated with landmark cases and high-profile clients that shape the legal landscape.

Gain recruitment advice

Engage in discussions at Allen & Overy about the firm’s vacation scheme and training contract recruitment processes. Here’s your exclusive chance to unravel the mysteries behind the application curtain, gaining insights that can set you on the path to securing a coveted position.

Get inspiring insights

At Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, gain pearls of wisdom on crafting a standout application for a vacation scheme or training contract. Benefit from practical advice that’s worth its weight in gold, equipping you with the tools to navigate the competitive landscape of legal applications.

Listen to firsthand accounts at Linklaters from solicitors and trainees about their journeys within the firm. This is your sneak peek into a potential future, understanding the challenges, triumphs, and unique aspects that shape a fulfilling legal career.

Explore law firm offices

Embark on a tour of Slaughter and May’s offices, soaking in the ambiance that sets the stage for legal brilliance. Imagine your future legal endeavours in a professional setting that reflects the culture and ethos of this renowned law firm.

Develop your legal skills

Roll up your sleeves at Hogan Lovells and participate in skills-based workshops that cover negotiating tactics, enhancing commercial awareness, and mastering the art of networking. Acquire practical skills that go beyond textbooks, preparing you for the dynamic demands of the legal profession.

Shadow current trainees

Experience a day in the life of a trainee at CMS, shadowing their routine and gaining insights into the hands-on aspects of legal work. This immersive experience allows you to witness the real-world application of legal theories, providing invaluable insights for your future career.

Why Attend Law Firm Insight Days?

Participating in law firm open days isn’t just a box to tick on your legal career checklist; it’s one of the first steps in connecting with law firms and advancing your career: 

  1. Showcase Your Best Self: Stand out from the applicant crowd by meeting future employers in person. Dress professionally and research the graduate recruitment team and partner for a personalised touch, demonstrating your commitment.
  2. Cultural Insight Opportunities: Gain deep insights into a firm’s culture by engaging with trainees, associates, partners, and the recruitment team during open days. Each law firm has a unique culture; choosing the right fit is crucial for your professional journey.
  3. Interactive Learning:  Open days provide a chance to visit firm offices, interact with professionals, and ask questions to enhance your understanding of the solicitor’s life. Utilise the opportunity to explore the reality of the legal profession firsthand.
  4. Enhance your CV: Showcase your interest in law by attending insight events and workshops. Highlight these experiences in the Work Experience section of your CV to demonstrate initiative and dedication.
  5. Develop Your Skills: Attend skill sessions and workshops during open days designed to refine commercial awareness and negotiation skills. Strengthen your position for vacation scheme applications by actively participating in these developmental opportunities.

How Is Your Commercial Awareness?

This is a key skill you’ll have to demonstrate in interviews. Boost yours now!

Commercial Awareness Updates

The Law Open Day Application Process

Excitement aside, before diving into the world of law firm open days, ensure you’re eligible. Some firms now offer these opportunities to first-year undergraduates. Once you’ve checked that box, there may be a few additional application steps, such as an application form or a letter of motivation on why you’d like to attend an Open Day.

In your application for, make sure that your responses demonstrate a genuine interest in the firm. You may also be asked more general commercial awareness questions and questions about your motivation to pursue a career in law. You’ll want to conduct thorough research and make sure that your answers are clear and well structured if you want to stand out in a pool of hundreds of applicants.

Don’t miss an opportunity, keep track of the latest insight days and workshops: Law Firm Open Day Deadlines.

How Competitive Are Law Open Days?

Law firm open days are highly competitive, serving as gateways to vacation schemes or legal internships. With a limited number of spots, securing a place demands some careful thought and effort when preparing your application.

How Do I Prepare For An Open Day?

Now that you understand the essence of law firm open days, let’s map out your game plan for success:

  • Stay abreast of the latest legal trends, landmark cases, and industry shifts.
  • Craft a list of questions that transcend the ordinary. Ask about the firm’s commitment to diversity, ongoing training initiatives, and the day-to-day life of a trainee.
  • First impressions matter. Opt for professional attire that mirrors the firm’s culture—smart, polished, and sophisticated.
  • Don’t just collect business cards; establish genuine connections. Follow up after the open day with personalised messages expressing your appreciation and interest.
  • Make some time for reflection. Tailor your future applications to highlight how the open day insights align with your aspirations.

What Should You Wear To An Open Day?

Selecting the right attire for a law firm open day is paramount. Aim for professional elegance—such as a well-fitted suit, polished shoes, and a tie. You may choose a tailored suit, modest blouse, and closed-toe shoes. The key is to project a polished image, aligning with the law firm’s professional environment. Colours should lean toward neutral tones, exuding confidence without being ostentatious. Remember, your attire reflects your respect for the occasion and your understanding of legal professionalism. Striking the right balance between style and formality ensures you make a memorable and positive impression during your law firm open day.

What Questions Should I Ask Law Firms?

As you step into the world of law firm open days, armed with curiosity is key. Don’t let this valuable opportunity slip away—engage with professionals, gain insights, and showcase your genuine interest. Here’s a curated list of questions to guide your exploration:

  1. Cultural Fit: How would you describe the firm’s culture, and how does it support professional growth?
  2. Daily Dynamics: Can you provide a glimpse into a typical day for a solicitor at this firm?
  3. Training Structure: What distinguishes your training programs, and how are they tailored for individual development?
  4. Client Exposure: How early in their careers do solicitors typically have direct client interaction?
  5. Diversity and Inclusion: What initiatives does the firm have to promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace?
  6. Career Progression: Could you share success stories or examples of how the firm supports career progression for solicitors?
  7. Technological Integration: How does the firm leverage technology to enhance legal services and stay ahead in the industry?
  8. Pro Bono Opportunities: Can you elaborate on the firm’s commitment to pro bono work and community engagement?
  9. Global Reach: How does the firm facilitate international opportunities or collaborations?
  10. Future Vision: What trends or changes in the legal landscape does the firm anticipate, and how is it preparing its professionals for these shifts?

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