Registration for the LNAT is open from 1st August 2021 to 15th January 2022 (note that the deadline differs if you’re applying to Oxford). There are over 500 LNAT test centres globally, with 150 in the UK.

2021 LNAT Dates

For the 2021 testing period, you can register from August and take the test from September to January 2022. However, you must register and take the test before 15th October if you are applying to Oxford.

University of Oxford Deadlines For 2022 Entry

Registration and booking your test slot 1st August - 15th September 2021
Submit your UCAS form15th October 2021
Sit LNAT before this date:15th October 2021

It is therefore imperative to confirm any dates on the LNAT website and also with Oxford University beforehand.

Other LNAT University Deadlines For 2022 Entry

Registration and booking your test slot 1st August - 15th January 2022
Testing begins1 September 2021
UCAS Applications can be submitted15th January 2022
Sit LNAT on or before this date:20 January 2022
UCL admission - sit LNAT on or before this date:26 January 2022

Be sure to confirm any dates on the website and also with the university concerned and ensure you adhere to them.

*Late applications: these usually only apply to international students. Some universities will allow you to take the test by 31st July 2022. Please check with the university first, your chosen universities may not accept LNAT results taken as late as July.*


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How Much Does The LNAT Cost?

The price of the test depends on where you are sitting it.

For individuals sitting the test in the UK/EU, the current fee is £75.

For individuals sitting the test elsewhere, the current fee is £120.

LNAT Registration

There are two steps you need to take to book for the LNAT. The process is done via Pearson Vue, which is the organisation that runs the online exams.

Step 1: Set up account on the Pearson Vue website

Step 2: Check email and follow instructions sent to you by Pearson Vue to book.

The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the date and centre you want.


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When Should I Sit the LNAT Test?

You can take the exam on any day that your chosen test centre has a free slot for you.

You also have the choice of taking it before or after you submit your UCAS application.

Please note that if you decide to defer your entry to university after sitting the test, you must resit the exam the year you will start university.

Timings for the University of Oxford are slightly different from the other universities that require the test. See above for details.

Where Can I Find LNAT Test Centres?

There are over 500 LNAT test centres globally, with 150 in the UK, with many available on high street locations.

The best way to find your nearest centre is to search on the Test Centre Locator. But before selecting one of the centres, don’t forget to create an account and register for the exam.



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