The LNAT is marked out of a score of 42. There is no pass or fail mark, however there are average scores that candidates usually achieve to successfully receive offers from the LNAT universities.

How Do LNAT Scores Work?

Although the exam has two sections, only one of them contains points that count towards your final LNAT score. Section A of the test, the multiple choice questions, is marked out of 42, while the essay, section B, is used to assess your essay writing skills and receives no formal grade.

In cases where your total score is lower, the essay may be the very thing that wins over the university admissions department, so it’s good to brush up on your essay skills before you sit the exam.

There is no formal pass mark for the LNAT. Each university values a different average LNAT result which tends to change each year.


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What is the Average LNAT Score?

As mentioned above, average LNAT scores vary from year to year. Below is a table with LNAT results statistics for the past few years.

Previous YearsScore (/ 42)Percentage

What is a Good LNAT Score?

What’s considered a good LNAT score changes depending on the average score for the year. Considering that there are no official score cut off points, LNAT exam results are assessed by universities holistically.

You should aim for a result of 27 or above to ensure you have the best possible chance of getting a place at your preferred university. But be aware that there are no score guarantees.

Since the scores expected vary between universities, a good LNAT score for Oxford University for example, is generally different from a good LNAT score for Nottingham. See below for more information on scores for specific universities.

LNAT Scores for Specific Universities

The below statistics will give you an idea of what you should be aiming for, for each university that requires you to take the LNAT exam. Please only use these as reference points, as they may vary per admissions cycle.

UniversityAcademic YearAverage Score for Successful ApplicantsSource
LNAT Score for Oxford2020/202127Freedom of Information Request
LNAT Score for UCL
27UCL website
LNAT Score for LSE2019/202026Freedom of Information Request
LNAT Score for King's College, London2018/201925Freedom of Information request
LNAT Score for Glasgow2018/201925Freedom of Information request
LNAT Score for Durham2019/202024.7Freedom of Information Request
LNAT Score for Nottingham 2018/201922Freedom of Information request
LNAT Score for SOAS2018/201911Freedom of Information Request

The above data was taken from the university websites and Freedom of Information Requests. There is no official data for Bristol at present.


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When do I get My Test Score?

LNAT scores are released in two batches throughout the year.

  • If you take the test on or before 20 January, you’ll receive your results in mid February.
  • If you take the test after 20 January, you’ll receive your results in mid August.

Note that specific dates cannot be given.

What if I get a Low LNAT Score?

If you get a low LNAT score, it’s not the end of the world! While you may not get a place at your preferred university, you can look at other options such as non-LNAT universities or deferring entry to the following year.

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