Read our guide to mastering the LNAT, including advice on LNAT revision and top tips from students who have taken and passed the test – with flying colours no less!

Timing is Everything

For many, the Law National Aptitude test is a whole new type of assessment, and if you want to know how to do well in LNAT, it is important to learn how to manage your time properly beforehand. Read on for our LNAT advice on timing.

LNAT Multiple Choice Section Timing

  • One of the most important and useful skills you can demonstrate during the LNAT Multiple Choice Questions section is an ability to use your time strategically.
  • If you find yourself struggling and taking too much time on one specific question, flag it for review later it and move on.
  • During the 95-minute time limit for the multiple choice section, you can go back and check over your answers as much as you like.

LNAT Essay Section Timing

  • For the LNAT essay section, it is imperative that you plan your response once you have picked your question. Give yourself 15 minutes to do this and you’ll have a much clearer idea of where your argument is heading.
  • Be realistic about your ability to answer the question within the 40 minutes provided. If you’re unsure, pick another answer – remember, you have a choice of three.
  • Practising writing in timed conditions will help with your efficiency in the LNAT Exam. The more you go through practice papers, the better you will find your time management gets.

Boost Your LNAT Score

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Hone Your LNAT-Specific Skills

In order to achieve a high LNAT score, there are certain skills you will need to demonstrate in the LNAT, such as:

  • Critical thinking;
  • Analysis;
  • Logical inference;
  • Deductive reasoning;
  • Targeted reading and;
  • written communication.

There’s an array of resources on our website to help with your LNAT revision like our LNAT  multiple choice questions page  and our ultimate LNAT essay writing guide.

But first, check our tips below to help you hone your LNAT skills. They include reading broadly, using online resources and seeking expert LNAT help.

LNAT revision

Use all the LNAT resources available to you on our website. Make the most of our free LNAT question bank to practise these skills as much as you possibly can before the law admissions assessment.

Effective LNAT preparation means practising until you feel confident and then, yes, you guessed it – practising some more! That’s the only way to be sure you have the skills for success in the LNAT.

LNAT Preparation Courses and Workshops

Some students seek extra LNAT help by booking themselves onto a course or workshop. At the Lawyer Portal, we run half-day workshops in London which are led by experts in verbal reasoning aptitude tests.

We also offer an online course with plenty of online resources to help you boost your score.

Read Widely

Many of the skills discussed above are linguistic skills. Therefore, reading is a surefire way of jettisoning yourself to success.

Reading allows you to be critical, to pinpoint arguments, analyse and even build your vocabulary which in turn broadens the scope of your skill set and builds your confidence for the LNAT.

Reading some opinion and comment newspaper or journal articles in particular will benefit you greatly when it comes to the essay part of the LNAT exam.

Good Newspapers to Read for LNAT Preparation:

Revision Books

As well as online practice and courses, you can invest in some LNAT books to help you with mastering the LNAT. Below is a list of some of the most popular LNAT books currently on the market in the UK which will help you with your LNAT preparation.

LNAT BookAuthor/sPrice (approximate)
The Ultimate LNAT CollectionWilliam Antony and Dr Rohan Agarwal£29.99
Mastering the National Admissions Test for LawMark Shepherd£36.99
Law National Admissions Test (LNAT): Essay Questions and AnswersHow2become£9.99
Law National Admissions Test (LNAT): Multiple Choice Questions and AnswersHow2become£9.99
LNAT Practice Papers Volume OneAiden Ang, Dr Rohan Agarwal, et al£9.99
LNAT Packages

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