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What if I Can’t Get a Training Contract?

So you’ve completed the LPC and you may be thinking, ‘what if I can’t get a training contract?’.

Sadly, you are not alone. Many individuals who have completed the LPC are yet to secure a training contract due to their competitive nature and the high ratio of applicants to training spaces.

This page aims cover what you can do if you are in this situation and how you can continue to develop your legal skills and enrich your CV whilst continuing your search for that all-important training contract.

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What if I Can’t Get a Training Contract? – Broaden Your Search

Firstly, if you have been limiting your training contract search to:

consider broadening the search criteria which will introduce new firms into the mix, thereby increasing your chance of training contract success.

What if I Can’t Get a Training Contract? – Paralegal Work

As an LPC graduate, you are an ideal candidate for paralegal work. Paralegals undertake a variety of administrative and legal work. They are essentially responsible for providing support to solicitorsbarristers and/or legal executives in:

Typically, paralegals are employed in law firms to work in a specialised department, such as the property, corporate finance or dispute resolution department (to name a few).

The benefits of undertaking paralegal work are numerous:

For further insight into the role of a paralegal, visit our Paralegal page.

What if I Can’t Get a Training Contract? – Legal Internships

You may want to consider applying for legal internships. These tend to be longer forms of work experience, ranging from one month to one year. Legal internships are a great way to widen your legal experience.

Interns usually spend time in an in-house legal department within a large company or organisation. Day to day they are involved in a variety of legal tasks, including:

This type of law work experience will look fantastic on a CV and in future training contract applications, demonstrating an ongoing drive to pursue a career in law.

For further information on legal internships and opportunities available, visit our page on Legal Internships.

What if I Can’t Get a Training Contract? – Pro Bono

You might what to consider undertaking some voluntary law related work such as pro bono. Pro bono is open to law students and practising lawyers who volunteer their time to advise members of the community on legal matters, who may not otherwise have access to advice.

You can get involved in pro bono work via a number of different organisations including:

Pro bono is another great way on reinforcing your CV and future training contract applications, making you stand out from the crowd. Granted, it’s not paid work but the satisfaction and experience you will gain really will pay dividends on so many levels. It also helps to build and develop your legal and communication skills, working with a large variety of people and many different legal matters.

What if I Can’t Get a Training Contract? – Commercial Work Experience

You may want to consider applying for jobs at organisations that run businesses akin to the type of law you wish to practice. For example, if you are interested in practising as a solicitor in a banking and finance department you may want to consider applying for a job in a bank where you can see that industry from a slightly different angle.


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