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LNAT Preparation and LNAT Tips

Looking for more help with your LNAT preparation? Take a look at our guide on effective preparation, featuring top tips to help you succeed.

LNAT Tips: Timing is Everything

For many, the LNAT is a whole new type of assessment and it is important to learn how to manage your time properly beforehand.

One of the best things about the LNAT Multiple Choice (MCQ) section is the ability to strategically use time. If you find yourself struggling with an MCQ and taking too much time on one question, then flag it and move on – within the 95 minutes given to you for multiple choice you can go back and review your answers as much as you like.

For the essay section, it is imperative that you plan your response once you have picked your question. Launching into an answer without giving yourself a few minutes to think will be the worst use of your time.

Plan a sensible answer that you know you will be able to argue and that is possible to write in the time provided (40 minutes).

Practice! Practising everything in timed conditions will help with your efficiency in the LNAT. The more you have done practice papers, for it the better you will find your time management gets.

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LNAT Tips: Hone Your LNAT-Specific Skills

Do not panic. There is lots of resources online and in particular on TLP which can help you isolate exactly what skills are needed. For example, look the LNAT Success Series!

However, in short, you will need to be able to perfect skills such as critical thinking, analysis, logical inference, deductive reasoning, targeted reading as well as good written communication in order to gain success in the LNAT.

Again, the best way to do this is to both use all the resources available to you (which does not exclude general advice available through a simple Google search) about such skills AND to practice these skills as much as you possibly can before the assessment.

Practice until you feel confident in them and then keep practicing. It is the only way to be sure you have the skills for success in the LNAT.

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LNAT Tips: Read and Be Aware

Many of the skills discussed above are linguistic skills. Therefore, there is nothing better you can do than to read.

Reading allows you to be critical, pinpoint arguments, analyse and even build your vocabulary which in turn broadens the scope of your skill set and is a perfect way to build confidence for the LNAT.

We suggest reading opinion and argumentative articles from broadsheets as well as reading articles (both online and in print) on absolutely anything which has an argument to it. Some of these resources are more close to home than many A-level students think.

You can find academic articles on almost everything you are studying: science, literature, history etc are all areas in which you can enhance your awareness in time for the LNAT and your teachers will probably be happy to help.

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