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Have you been invited to attend law firm open days or are you just curious to find out more about what a law firm open day might involve? This page aims to provide you with everything you need to know if you want to apply for or attend one of these events.

What Are Law Firm Open Days?

A law firm open day is an event that allows aspiring lawyers to spend a day at a law firm. During the day, you will be introduced to experienced lawyers, trainees and graduate recruitment representatives and will experience the law firm’s working environment, general ethos and culture. Being selected to attend an open day is a competitive process, so attending one not only gives you an insight into the field, but is a great addition to a legal CV.

Law open days take place at various points throughout the calendar year. Click on our law firm open day calendar to find out more about up and coming events.  

What Does a Law Firm Open Day Involve?

The day may include any number of activities including:

  • A presentation of the firm’s different practice areas and associated work  
  • An opportunity to discuss the firm’s vacation scheme and/or training contract recruitment processes with representatives from the firm
  • An opportunity to gain practical advice and tips on making an application for a vacation scheme and/or training contract
  • A tour of the offices
  • An insight into the firm’s solicitors and trainees’ experiences of the firm
  • Participation in skills-based workshops (which may include workshops on negotiating, commercial awareness or networking for example)
  • Shadowing a trainee

What are the Benefits of Law Firm Open Days?

  1. They provide you with a great insight into the legal profession and associated work
  2. They are an excellent way of gauging, early on, whether a career at that particular firm is the right fit for you
  3. They allow you to broaden your network and make valuable links and contacts with graduate recruitment and experienced lawyers alike
  4. The experience gained during an open day can be used to reinforce your CV and future vacation scheme and training contract applications with that particular firm and applications more generally
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Law Open Day Application Process

Before applying, make sure you’re eligible to apply. Some firms now offer open days specifically to first-year undergraduates, for example.

The law firm open day application process is very similar to the process involved in applying for training contracts (with similar application forms and questions). Check out our Training Contract Application page to find out more about how the overall law firm application process works with top tips for completing application forms.

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Top Tips

To stand out from the crowd at a law open day, you should ensure that you:

  • Avoid using your personal mobile phone during the day
  • Demonstrate professionalism at all times, whether you are chatting to law firm representatives or listening to presentations
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm whenever possible during the day. Never underestimate the power of this!
    Be friendly and approachable – and don’t be afraid to say hello. You only have today to make an impression!
  • Be inquisitive. Ask relevant and carefully thought out questions to show your interest. Make a list before you arrive
  • Dress smartly
  • Carry a notebook and pen to take notes. You don’t want to forget a thing!
  • Read up on any law firm representative who you know will be present. Being able to discuss their past work will help to build rapport and show you’re keen
  • Show off your skills where possible! Be mindful of the qualities law firms are looking for in you
  • Finally, stay in touch! If there were partners, associates, trainees or members of graduate recruitment you built up a good rapport with, drop them a line of thanks following the law firm open day
See Open Day Deadlines

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