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Law Firm Open Days

Have you been invited to attend law firm open days or are you just curious to find out more about what a law firm open day might involve? This page aims to provide you with everything you need to know should you wish to apply for or attend such an event.

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What are a Law Firm Open Days?

A law firm open day does what it says on the tin! It provides an invaluable opportunity to spend a day in a law firm. You will be introduced to experienced lawyers, trainees and graduate recruitment representatives alike and will experience first hand the law firm’s working environment and general ethos and culture.

What Do a Law Firm Open Days Involve?

The day may include any number of activities including:

What are the Benefits of Law Firm Open Days?

  1. They provide you with a great insight into the legal profession and associated work
  2. They are an excellent way of gauging, early on, whether a career at that particular firm is the right fit for you
  3. They allow you to broaden your network and make valuable links and contacts with graduate recruitment and experienced lawyers alike
  4. The experience gained during an open day can be used to reinforce your CV and future vacation scheme and training contract applications with that particular firm and applications more generally
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When Should I Apply?

For law firms that run open days, they may well take place at various points throughout the calendar year. Click on our law firm open day calendar to find out more about up and coming events.  

Before applying, make sure you establish, for each law firm open day, who is eligible to apply. Some firms now offer open days specifically to first year undergraduates, for example, so be sure to double check eligibility before investing the time in making an application.  

Step by Step Guide to Securing Law Firm Open Days

Step 1 – Choosing a Law Firm 

Before making your applications think carefully about where you want to apply.  

Factors to consider when deciding where to apply for law firm open days include:

After you have weighed up the various factors, you can start to build your law firm ‘hit list.’ You can then start drilling down into the detail, by researching:

By conducting thorough research, you can tailor your applications as necessary ensuring you are applying to law firms that are right for you. Note: law firms are not interested in generic applications, a commitment to and an understanding of their particular firm and working is a must. 

Step 2 –  Research 

Visit our  Law Firm Open Day Calendar to find out more about open days currently available, with direct links to application forms and deadline information.

Step 3 – Submit Applications

The law firm open day application process is very similar to the process involved in applying for training contracts (with similar application forms and questions). As such, click on our Training Contract Application page to find out more about how the overall law firm application process works with top tips for completing application forms.

Step 4 – Attending Interviews 

The law firm open day interview process is slightly less rigorous than the process involved involved in interviewing for training contracts and possibly even vacation schemes. If you are required to be interviewed as part of the application process, it will most likely be a video or telephone interview.

Step 5 – Being Made an Offer

If, following submission of your application and any subsequent interviews you have sufficiently impressed, you may be asked to attend the law firm open day. Then it’s up to you as to whether you accept the offer!

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Top Tips

To stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, you should ensure that you:

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