We spoke to Rhiannon, a current LLB student at Swansea University, about her experience of the course and of the university in general. Read on for an insight into why she decided to study law there and what to expect from the course.

Why did you choose to study at Swansea?

I was initially attracted to choosing Swansea as the staff I had met from the Law School were really welcoming and seemed genuinely interested in their students’ satisfaction with their studies.
Having been here for nearly three years now, I can fully attest that this is the case and that student needs are at the heart of the Law School. One of the things I appreciate most about studying in Swansea is the attention given to student voice, and the fact staff are always so approachable if ever I need help.


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What involvement have you had with Swansea Law Clinic?

Although I was not particularly aware of the Swansea Law Clinic when I first became a student here, my involvement with it has only served to reaffirm my decision to study here. Since the start of my second year I have been a volunteer with the Miscarriage of Justice Project run by the Clinic, in which a group of students work together with the Clinic Director on behalf of charity Inside Justice to investigate the safety of our clients’ conviction.

Being part of this Project has been valuable for giving me experience in working on a real-life criminal case, something I doubt I would have otherwise had the opportunity to do. In addition to this, I have had the opportunity to represent the Project on the newly-formed Student Board, allowing me to participate in the running of the Clinic.

Do you have any plans for the future?

As I am hoping to pursue a career in the legal profession upon graduation, the practical experience I have gained through being part of Swansea Law Clinic is incredibly important to help me stand out amongst other candidates.

Aside from the obvious legal aspects of the Law Clinic, participation has given me the chance to develop other skills which will be useful in a future workplace, such as teamwork, communication and handling confidential information.

Have you participated in any other extra-curricular activities?

Aside from the Law Clinic, there are other extra-curricular opportunities on offer through the Law School which are useful as preparation for life after university. There are a number of skills competitions which students can participate in including mooting, client interviewing, negotiations and mediation.
Mooting competitively with the university has helped me increase my confidence and hone my advocacy skills, as well as giving me the chance to meet new people who I might not otherwise have met.

Would you recommend studying at Swansea?

Outside of law, I’ve enjoyed staying in Swansea; it’s a good-sized city, and being by the beach and so near the Gower Coast is never a bad thing! There are also lots of other societies and sports clubs, which can serve as a good distraction from law when you’re in need of some time off from studying.
In short, I would definitely recommend Swansea, especially if you are considering a career in law post-graduation!

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