Law Teacher Quiz

As a teacher, you will be a crucial source of information for aspiring lawyers in school. Whether you teach law itself or provide career support and advice, your knowledge of modern legal practice will be drawn upon by your students. For that reason it is essential that your knowledge is up-to-date and extensive enough to reflect the often complicated reality of training to become a legal practitioner.

So how good is your knowledge? Take our two-minute quiz to find out!

This quiz is designed to give you a helpful insight into your current awareness of legal study and practice. Remember however that this quiz is only meant to be fun! Answer explanations to each question will display once you have selected your answer, and the correct answer will be highlighted in bold.

After you’ve completed the quiz, have a look at the Teachers’ Guide to Law for an overview of modern legal careers. For more detailed information, considering attending a Teacher Conference where a qualified lawyer will advise you on the different routes into practice as well as the steps involved in legal training.

Law Teacher Quiz

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