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Teachers Guide to Law
Teachers' Guide to Law

The page aims to provide you with all the information you need so that you can advise your aspiring law students accordingly.

Young woman with folder discussing work related issues
Law Work Experience

This page provides advice for teachers on all of the different types of legal work experience available to school age students.

UCAS reference
UCAS Reference

Get great insights into how to write a a strong UCAS reference to for your aspiring law students to support their applications.

Law Teacher Quiz
Law Teachers' Quiz

How much do you know about studying and practising law to advise your students accordingly? Find out in our fun quiz here!

TLP Teacher Conferences
Teacher Conferences

We're working on a new look teacher conference - coming soon!

LNAT Workshop
In-House LNAT Prep

Our LNAT Workshop, designed to boost students’ LNAT scores, can be delivered on the grounds of your school at a discounted rate.

Mock Trials
In-House Mock Trials

Our Mock Trial is a unique experiential learning event, which can be delivered on your school grounds at discounted rate at a time to suit you.

Law Insight Day
Law Insight Day

A lawyer will give students an inspiring yet realistic insight into the legal career options available - as well as how to pursue them.

School Ambassador Programme

School students can now get involved with our new ambassador scheme aimed at 16-18-year-olds interested in a career in law!

TLP Aspire
TLP Aspire

At The Lawyer Portal's Aspire events, students will hear from inspiring key note speakers, lawyers and education experts.

Apprenticeships Day

What are law apprenticeships? How can they help you get ahead of the game? Find out the answers to these questions - and more.

Get in touch
Get in touch!

If you’re a teacher looking to help the aspiring lawyers at your school, we’d love to hear from you.


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