Episode 2: Discussing Diversity, with Cherie Blair CBE, QC

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In episode 2 of Legally Pod, Rachel and Isabella speak to world-renowned barrister Cherie Blair CBE, QC, founder and chair of international law firm Omnia Strategy LLP.

Cherie discusses a topic very close to her own heart: diversity in the legal industry, as well as her own legal success story and her crucial advice for aspiring solicitors and barristers alike.

If you have aspirations of becoming as prestigious a lawyer as Cherie, listen to the podcast now.

Interview by Rachel Davis and Isabella Ford.

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Show notes:

0:20 – An introduction to Cherie Blair CBE, QC, with Rachel Davis

1:58  – When did you decide you wanted to become a lawyer?

4:20 – And when on the journey did you decide on the barrister route in particular?

6.25What’s the most interesting case you’ve ever worked on?

10:10 – Being a working mother in law

13:05 – How did you come to found Matrix Chambers?

14:50 – And how did Omnia Strategy come about?

19:56 – Discussing diversity, with Isabella Ford

20:28 – Why is diversity in the legal profession important to you?

21:27 – What is “disruptive thinking” and how can we use it to address some of the inequalities of the legal profession?

23:56 – Diversity as an all-encompassing concept – from gender and race to age and disability

27: 00How do you feel your legal background prepared you for managing a successful charity?

29:29 – Why is it important for young lawyers to think more about how they can use their resources and skill-sets to give back to society?

31:44 – You’ve commented in the past on the expense of law conversion courses – how do you think access to the legal profession could be improved?

37:01 – Cherie’s thoughts on apprenticeships

39:36 – What is your one piece of advice for aspiring lawyers?

41:58  – Gown or Wig?


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