Episode 4: Under the Wig, with William Clegg QC

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In Episode 4 of Legally Pod, we sit down with one of the UK’s most highly celebrated criminal barristers, William Clegg QC.

We sat down with William to discuss his incredible career starting from humble beginnings to being propelled into the public eye, having worked on some of the most historical and famous cases we have witnessed in recent years.

Having practised for over 47 years, William has fought over 100 murder cases including the famous Colin Stagg’s trial, The Chillenden Murders as well as defending Britain’s first ‘Nazi war criminal’.

This podcast provides a behind the scenes look into the life of a famous criminal barrister and sets the scene perfectly for William’s new book, Under the Wig, where William reveals in greater depth his experience in the legal industry.

Like high-pressure, courtroom drama? Then you’re going to want to read Under the Wig:

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Show notes:

0:00 – Introduction

1:58 – How did it all begin and what’s your family background?

3:36 – Where did you go to university?

4:37 – What was your main motivation?

6:26 – How have you coped with the publicity of your cases?

7:55 – What happened during the famous Mark Dallagher ‘Ear Print’ Case?

11:55 – How do you separate your professional and family life?

13:14 – How do you defend someone if you think they’re guilty?

15:31 – Why do you want to ban wigs in courtrooms?

17:02 – What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

20:20 – What has been your biggest failure (and The Chillenden Murders)?

23:27 – Why did you write the book?

24:35 – Outro

We highly recommend William’s new book.

It is the perfect resource for those considering a career as a criminal barrister or equally for anyone who would like to see what life is like behind the scenes.

You can buy the book here:

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