Episode 1: The SQE Uncovered, with Julie Brannan

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In episode 1 of Legally Pod, Rachel is joined by Julie Brannan, Director of Education and Training at the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

Julie shares with us everything you could possibly need to know about the SQE: including why it’s being introduced, how it will impact those currently completing a degree, the LPC or a training contractand her key advice for aspiring lawyers.

You can also read a summary of the interview here.

Interview by Rachel Davis.

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Show notes:

1:30 – What is the SQE?

2:12 – Why is the SQE being brought into force?

4:37 – The problems with the current system

5:20 – When will the SQE come into effect?

6:12 – How will it impact the current routes into law – e.g. law degree, the GDL, LPC, etc?

8:29 – How will it affect those on these routes now?

10:50 – How will the assessments be structured?

13:54 – Where will students sit the SQE and how much is it likely to cost?

15:04 – How will the new system affect the 2-year training contract as it currently stands?

17:17 – Making sure that barriers don’t stop talented, aspiring solicitors

18:10 – When will further information be made available around the SQE?

19:33 – What is your one piece of advice for aspiring solicitors?

21:06 – Gown or Wig?

For more SQE updates, make sure to look at our SQE page and the SRA’s website.

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