Published on October 1, 2020 by Holly Porter

There are a wealth of benefits attached to a student law society membership. Here are the main reasons to join yours.


Networking is arguably one of the most important reasons to join the law society. Your membership will allow you to meet a range of legal professionals and academics, perhaps something that would be difficult to do without a law society membership. Opportunities to network will arise through the society’s academic events including presentations delivered by a solicitor or barrister and evenings with legal trainees and law fairs. Attending these events will allow you to ask questions, help determine what field of law is best for you and could even lead to some invaluable work experience.

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Improve Your Writing Skills

CV Enhancement

Being an active member of your law society is an excellent addition to your CV. Employers love to see that alongside your studies, you have other commitments. Deciding to form part of the law society committee is an even stronger way to stand out. This will prove that you are capable of balancing your studies whilst having other responsibilities, something you will most likely have to do when working. The challenges you face as a committee member may also give you something impressive to speak about at an interview.

Social Events

Law societies not only provide students with the opportunity to attend legal-related events, they are also known for their brimming social calendars. The society will host various socials from pub crawls and cinema evenings to the annual law ball. These events will allow you to meet others with similar interests and ambitions, form friendships and give you the chance to take a well-deserved break from your studies. Law society memberships are open to non-law students too meaning you may meet people you would not naturally meet throughout your course.

Support Network

Being a member of the law society can help you integrate into university life. The law society not only exists to facilitate your legal career but provide help and support to its members. Are you struggling to meet people? Attend one of the social events; many people turn up alone. Worried about an interview? Sign up for an interview workshop. Or, if you are just looking to have a chat, contact the committee which will be more than happy to speak with you and provide help where they can.

 Gain Life Skills

By getting involved in the student law society, you will gain valuable and transferrable skills. For example, mooting competitions will boost your confidence speaking publicly, enhance your argumentation and listening skills and help you to work efficiently as part of a team. Other skills to be gained include communication, organisation, and tasks such as securing society sponsorship can improve your persuasion skills, all skills which are essential for any aspiring lawyer.

Words by: Karen Fulton

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