December 21, 2023
The presence of careers and education social media accounts is growing and offering law students the opportunity to engage more in their passions and niches. Here are some suggestions for social media accounts you can follow to support your career or education journey.

Before following any social media account, it is important to remember to assess the credibility of the content you are consuming. Naturally, there is a marketing element of social media, so it is important that you are not following advice or instructions without first doing your own research.

With that being said, social media is a great place to connect with like-minded people and be inspired by others, especially in the increasingly digital world of law. Here are some social media accounts that can help you do that:

Legal Experts

The Lawyer Portal

For those of you who are new to The Lawyer Portal, TLP is a trusted resource for aspiring legal professionals from all backgrounds. The platform provides study and application guides, commercial news updates, conferences, tutoring packages, etc.

Its partnership with the Law Society, Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, offers opportunities to learn from professional, experts and top law firms.

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Legal Cheek

The Legal Cheek offers a combination of news, analysis, career advice and insider insight on the leading law firms and chambers operating in the UK. They have also amassed a large following on social media with over 300,000 followers. You can get involved with Legal Cheek as a student ambassador or attend their law fairs and training conferences.

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Career Guidance & Mentorship

Precious’ Not So Secret Diary

Precious is a Law graduate and financial technology consultant at a Big 4 firm. With her 4+ years of experience in law, government and technology, she offers advice ranging from how to achieve a 1st in university to how you can ace your graduate job applications. She offers 1-1 support to her audience and also writes blogs for The Lawyer Portal.

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Mary Grace Lou

Mary is a LSE Law graduate and future trainee solicitor at Clifford Chance. Since starting her legal journey, she has amassed tens of thousands of followers across her social media. On her social media, she advises followers on how to make impactful personal statements, become a lawyer in the UK, break into corporate law, and so forth.

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The Ndlawyerproject is a project aimed to support people in the law world, who feel like they ‘don’t quite fit in’. On their platforms, the project shares tips, insights, and advocates for change concerning policies for neurodivergent (aspiring) lawyers.

The platform also offers a variety of group chats for neurodivergent aspiring and junior lawyers to join and share resources. Many experiences from neurodivergent lawyers and law students are shared to encourage others who may be struggling on their journey.

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Justin Farrance

Justin has spent years tackling diversity and social mobility in the legal industry, which he is very vocal about on social media. Justin is also the founder of ‘GROW Mentoring‘, a platform that is increasing access to law for 3500+ students through mentorship and community, and is very active on LinkedIn.

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Legally Lucy

Legally Lucy is also a future trainee solicitor at Clifford Chance and a law graduate. Her social media posts cover subjects like achieving a first-class essay, LNAT tips and how to become a lawyer. Lucy also offers resources like an assignment tracker template, Watson Glaser cheat sheet and university templates on Notion.

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Ymoug is a recent graduate who spent the past few years giving his audience insight into his first-class-regime at university in the form of vlogs. He has amassed almost half a million followers on TikTok mainly from his study lives and the Discord community he built, connecting people who enjoyed studying with others.

His study lives give his audience the opportunity to use their time on social media more effectively and focus better than doing it by themselves.

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Your Corporate Friends

Your Corporate Friends is a corporate duo who are currently working in consultancy and tech. Their social media posts include a wide range of content such as degree/university rankings, application opportunities/deadlines and internship success tips.

They also offer a plethora of resources including cover letter and CV templates. They are currently doing a ‘100 days of interview tips’ series on their social media.

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Simranjeet Kaur Mann

Simranjeet is a qualified solicitor (Junior Associate) specialising in general commercial law and fintech. She is most popular for her Watson Glaser videos she made in 2021 and has since amassed tens of thousands of views on her daily vlogs that explore her journey to becoming a lawyer.

She also offers resources including a Watson Glaser cheat sheet, planners, law firm research templates, etc.

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Industry Specific Accounts

Blessing at the Bar

Blessing at the Bar’s platform aims to provide motivation, education and inspiration for future and practising barristers. Blessing’s platform also offers a range of educational, resources including courses, live workshops and digital products for bar students.

Click here to find out more about Blessing at the Bar


Junior Lawyer Memes

Finally, for those times when you want to find relief from studying or making applications, Junior Lawyer Memes is a page to follow. The page is run by Hong Kong-based junior lawyers who have sharing relatable and funny content since 2019.

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