Published on September 5, 2019 by Lauren Wade

BPP Law School has announced that they will be running a new Law Conversion Course (PGDL), that will be designed to help non-law graduates be fully ready to enter the world of work. BPP’s new course will be focused on meeting the specific demands of the SQE, which is due to start in late 2021.

BPP is the first law school to announce specific details of how it will prepare students to qualify under the new SQE framework and this new eight-month course will be available for highly capable graduates looking to begin a law conversion degree in September 2020.

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Why is the new course being introduced?

Research carried out by BPP reveals that over three quarters of city law firms expect trainee solicitors to arrive with workplace skills. The course will include the foundation knowledge tested by the SQE, including company law, and students will gain an awareness of key commercial awareness concepts and practice skills that prospective employers are looking for.

BPP PGDL graduates will be able to access a range of legal careers depending on their areas of legal interest. Aspiring solicitors can continue their studies on BPP’s dedicated LPC, or can choose to enrol on an SQE preparation course. Aspiring barristers will also be able to continue their studies at BPP too.

How can I fund the course?

If funding is an issue, students can build BPP’s PGDL into an LLM course, as they will be able to access postgraduate funding.

Students on BPP’s new course will also be able to study the areas of legal practice tested by the first stage of the SQE. This means that in completing the LLM programme, non-law graduates could complete all of the training they need to pass SQE Stage 1.

How will the course benefit me?

The benefit of the BPP’s new course is that it will have a modular structure, meaning the workload will be spread out evenly, rather than students having to sit one exam at the end of the year.

There will also be more contact time available for students to spend time with tutors and the course content will be taught in small group workshops. 

Laura McBrien, the academic who designed the PGDL at BPP, explained: “changes to regulation in the training of both solicitors and barristers have given us the opportunity to think about how we can best support our students: ensuring they are engaged and motivated in their learning, spreading their assessment load and making them better prepared for their future professional studies and career.”

BPP’s PGDL course will ensure that students are able to reflect, progress and enter the world of work fully equipped following their time at BPP, regardless of their career aspirations. 

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