Elina specialises in employment and disciplinary law. She talks to The Lawyer Portal about what attracted her to the barrister profession, the highs and lows of the career and her top tips for aspiring barristers. Keep reading to find out more! This content is provided by the Bar Council.

What was your route into the profession?

I completed my law degree, then the BVC (the Bar Vocational Course, now the Bar Professional Training Course, BPTC).

What attracted you to the Bar?

Intellectual independence and making a living out of arguing in court.


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What is the best thing about your career at Littleton Chambers?

The advocacy can be a real high and when you secure a good outcome in a high-stakes case you feel on top of the world! Barristers are a weird and wonderful breed – never a dull moment!

What is the worst thing about your career?

It can involve long and unpredictable hours and income. The Bar can be a jealous mistress so you need to make a special effort to find a work-life balance.

What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring barrister?

Keep emotionally healthy by seeing your family and friends regularly. Keep as physically healthy as you can as the job requires stamina as well as intellectual ability.


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