We caught up with Susannah Johnson, a barrister at 7 Bedford Row, London (the Chambers of Simeon Maskrey QC). Susannah specialises in child and family law, including public law and child abduction cases, and personal injury work representing claimants in mainly historical child abuse cases.

After obtaining her undergraduate degree in English, she completed a law degree at the University of Kent. She formerly practised in criminal work but made the change after she started a family. To find out more about Susannah’s experiences as a barrister at 7 Bedford Row, keep reading below! This content is provided by the Bar Council.

What was your route into the profession?

My first degree is in English. I spent a few years working (and working out what I wanted to do) then did a law degree at the University of Kent before doing my Bar year at the Inns of Court School of Law. I did my pupillage at 7 Bedford Row where I have been ever since.

What attracted you to the Bar?

I wanted to be an advocate and to have the chance to represent those without a voice.


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What is the best thing about your career at 7 Bedford Row?

The huge variety of work – I am never bored – the independence and flexible ways of working that the Bar offers.

What is the worst thing about your career?

It can be very stressful and sometimes the lines between private time and work time can become blurred.

What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring barrister?

From the perspective of someone who does mostly publicly funded work: save as much as you can during the good times to prepare for times when (for a variety of reasons) your income might go down.


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