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How Does the Free BCAT Practice Test Work?

Our Bar Course Aptitude Test is designed to evaluate your decision-making and judgment-forming skills. It also looks at your critical thinking skills, your assessment of assumptions, strong and weak arguments and your ability to recognise whether conclusions follow or not.

At the end of each passage, you will have access to BCAT test answers to help you see which questions you got right or wrong. you’ll also have detailed statistics on your performance compared to everyone else. Click on the question to go back and get a detailed explanation. We recommend reading the explanations even if you were correct to boost your learning.

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Want some extra information before you take the test? 

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You could also take a look at the Bar Standards Board website, which describes fully the types of questions asked along with some examples – simply visit the BCAT example questions and explanations page. There is also another BCAT practice test on Job Test Prep’s website. 

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