This page aims to give you an overview of some statistics that you may want to consider when deciding on law, or if you are contemplating whether to become a barrister or solicitor. You might want to think about the differences in training vacancies, salaries and even the trends in successful applications to university.



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 Solicitor v Barrister Salary Statistics

This table compares the salary ranges for solicitors and barristers, from trainee level to those newly qualified.

Level of experienceSolicitorBarrister
Trainee Level£18,000-43,000+£12,000-60,000+
Newly Qualified£50,000-90,000+£73,000-300,000+
Funding for LPC/BPTCYesYes

Solicitors' Firms v Barristers' Chambers

The table below shows the average trainee salary of barristers and solicitors at different types of chambers and firms.

Type of Firm/ChambersSolicitorBarrister
High street18,00012,000

Average Solicitor v Barrister Salaries

Average Trainee Salary

Average Barristers’ Salaries: Practice Area Statistics

The following table compares the practice area of law with average barristers’ salaries.

Practice areaAverage NQ Barrister Salary

Average Barrister Salary and Practice Area

Law at University Statistics

The table below shows the number of applications to study law at university in the UK and overseas, as well as the percentage of successful applications.

Number of law applications to university in the UK (2015-2016)23,88533,01056,895
Number of law students accepted to university in the UK (2015-2016)17,33522,32039,655
Percentage of successful applications72.5%67.6%69.7%

Law applications to university in the UK

Number of applications to Law in the UK - accepted v rejected

Training Contract Advice

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