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What To Do If You Didn’t Get The Results You Wanted

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Sometimes you’re having a bad day, the exam paper was hard or the one topic you dread shows up on the exam and leaves you with a lower grade than you expected. A Level results day is approaching, and not everyone will get the grades they wanted, needed or feel they deserve. However, this isn’t the end of the world, here’s 4 things to do if you missed out on your grades:

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Consider other options

If you miss out on the grades for both your firm and insurance offers UCAS will allow you to go into Clearing. This way you may still be able to go to university this year, even if it is somewhere you didn’t consider before.

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Picking a university last minute through clearing may seem daunting; but don’t pick just any university because you matched their grade requirements! Research the universities first before contacting them through clearing to ensure they are the right fit for you.

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If your grades are failing to get you into university to do law, but you are able to study another subject, don’t rule this out. You’re not at a disadvantage by not studying law, there will still be legal opportunities available for non-law students. You will have to spend an extra year at university though studying your GDL, so this is something to consider.

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Appeal your mark

If the grade that came back was a surprise, or if you’re close to the grade boundary, getting your exam paper remarked is an option. You will hear stories of people going from a B to an A because  a few extra marks could be found when the exam was reconsidered. Plus your chosen universities can still consider you if your mark goes up. It is best to ask your teacher first before paying to get a paper remarked, they will know best whether there is a chance your paper could go up.

Sign up for resits

Most schools will allow you to do resit examinations through them in the following year. This way you can spend your year out studying at home to improve your grades next time around.  

If you’re going to resit exams, consider recalling your exam papers and getting your teachers to go through them with you. This exercise can be extremely helpful to find where you went wrong and what needs improved this year.

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Gap Year

Taking a year out to wait on the next UCAS application cycle is always available. If you decide to take a gap year, make sure you use your time well and improve that legal CV! Having interesting gap year activities can make your applications stand out, as firms and chambers are always on the hunt for a unique candidate.

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