Published on June 20, 2017 by Laura

As it gets closer to summer exam time, the thought of revision might be slowly starting to creep into your mind. Revising for your LLB law degree exams can be a daunting task, but there are plenty of ways to prepare. Although everyone is likely to have different revision techniques, here are a few top tips to get started on your LLB revision.

  1. Give yourself enough preparation time. It is always wise to start revising early to save yourself from cramming in the last few weeks.
  2. Revision guides are useful to buy, as they tend to nicely summarise the topic area you are studying.
  3. Before you knuckle down and begin revisiting information, it is crucial you understand the content first. Spend a little while getting your head around the subject, as topics can often be confusing and there may be concepts that you have not come across before.
  4. If there are areas you still do not understand, go and speak to a lecturer before attempting to learn the information. It goes without saying that it is not wise to leave questions until the last week before the exam.
  5. When preparing your LLB revision, it is good practice to build up your notes with additional reading from textbooks and journal articles. This will help show the examiner that you have done extra research beyond the required content.
  6. When it comes to case law, I would recommend making your notes on them succinct. It may sometimes be a good idea to learn the brief facts and the outcome. Understandably, certain cases will require more, but when you have a subject like criminal law, there are huge numbers of cases and it is impossible to learn everything.
  7. Focus on the weighting of the course – some modules are worth more credits, so you need to spend more time revising for these.
  8. Go through past paper exams and practice writing an essay in timed conditions. This helps you get a sense of how quickly/how much you will need to write in the exam.
  9. Personally, I find cue cards really useful as it gets nearer the exam. Cue cards are a good test of knowledge and you can really make things concise, which is extremely useful.
  10. Although it seems to go without saying, it is crucial that you take regular breaks from your LLB revision. Get to know your attention span and work accordingly. Stepping away from revision regularly to get a coffee or some fresh air ensures your brain does not overwork. 

Whilst these top tips are useful to follow, I must stress that everyone revises differently, so never compare yourself to someone else. Your friends will have different revision techniques and will be at different stages. It is important that you focus on your own progress rather than worrying about others.

Essentially everyone, with good preparation, and good understanding, will do well in exams. Make sure you plan something to look forward to at the end of the exam season – it’s a good way to keep you going! Good luck!

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Words: Laura Brunt


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