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Pros and Cons of an LLB Placement Year

Considering a placement year as part of your LLB? Here, law student Bryony weighs up the pros and cons.

From the point at which we begin to prepare for our GCSEs, we are constantly reminded of the value of having work experience and this continues for the rest of our education. For law students especially, this experience is hugely important as it is essential for the majority of applications in the legal profession.

So: is a placement year the best way to get this experience?

Why shouldn’t I take a placement year?

A placement year is not right for everyone – there are a few negatives which you may want to consider:

Why is a placement year beneficial?

Equally, there are plenty of ways a placement year can benefit you. For example:

I believe the positives of taking a placement year far outweigh the negatives – but remember that the choice is entirely yours, and it’s important to make the right decision for you!

Words: Bryony McCleery


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