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How to Tailor Your Law Revision to Your Learning Style

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Ever find yourself zoning out at lectures but notice you have laser-sharp focus while reading? That could be a sign being a visual learner. Knowing your learning styles is extremely important in studying effectively. Here are some learning styles, their indicators and how you can best tailor your law revision accordingly.


Visual learners learn best by internalising concepts and principles when reading them. They prefer reading or seeing compared to listening. The following are indicators of a potential visual learner:

How to tailor your revision:


Audio learners learn best by listening to conversations with peers, at lectures or with podcasts. They prefer listening rather than talking it out or visualising things. These are indicators of audio learners:

How to tailor your revision:

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Verbal learners are distinguished from audio learners because verbal learners internalise through talking out legal precepts while audio learners listen. These are the indicators:

How to tailor your revision:


The logical learner learns through diagrams and empirical analysis. You’re more likely to use this style of learning if:

How to tailor your law revision:


kinaesthetic learners digest information though drawing diagrams and holding onto something real like a textbook.

You’re likely to use this method if:

How to tailor your revision

Hybrid (a Mixture of More Than One)

More often than not, we may find we are shades of visual and audio, or sometimes, both. This is normal but we need to ensure, in such circumstances, the mode of learning suits us best. This affects how we approach our readings, tutorials and exam revision.

Other Considerations

Other considerations include whether we are solitary or interpersonal learners. A solitary learner is a lone wolf and one who prefers and learns more effectively by internalising precepts in her own space.

The key is to avoid being too firm when categorising yourself because sometimes, we might think we are interpersonal learners but derive nothing from group discussions. So identify your learning style but acknowledge the possibility of change.

Lastly, think about whether you are better studying at home or you prefer the confines of the library. The environment plays a vital role in productivity in three ways:


Ultimately, law school not only teaches you about learning but also learning about learning. Sun Tzu, in the ‘Art of War’, once said “know thyself and win all battles.” Similarly, it’s really important to know which learning style suits you best to ensure you maximise the hours spent toiling away.

Remember also that it is absolutely fine to be unique from your friends and fellow students in terms of learning style. There is merit to charting your own course in the course of law revision.

Words: Edwin Teong Ying Keat

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