Published on August 14, 2020 by Holly Porter

This summer, international law firm Clifford Chance has launched two new and exciting initiatives for aspiring solicitors. To democratise access to opportunities, the firm has created a series of global virtual internships alongside an engaging programme of events for students who wish to practice law.

Global Virtual Internships

Clifford Chance is currently offering three internships:

  1. Cyber Security Global Virtual Internship: learn how you can help businesses to navigate cybersecurity risks and respond quickly in the event of an investigation or ‘dawn raid’
  2.  Climate Change Global Virtual Internship: learn how you can prepare a client for changes to climate change legislation (this is particularly relevant for the US right now!)
  3. Business and Human Rights Global Virtual Internship: learn how to evaluate human rights risks in an M&A transaction and compare the importance of disclosure obligations in the EU and the state of California

For each one, you have the chance to gain real work experience and an insight into the tasks given to trainees. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn directly from the firm and even submit work, which may be reviewed by HR. You will also earn a certificate if you complete the internship in full, which will help your CV and LinkedIn to stand out.

The tasks set in each internship are designed to develop your practical skills such as research, analysis, drafting, client advice, commercial awareness and communication. Participants are required to submit both written work and an audio recording, such as a phone call to a client, after which you will be able to compare your answers with model solutions written by the firm. This is a great learning opportunity to find out more about the firm and explore whether you would like to work on tasks like these. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, sign-up now!

Events Hub

Clifford Chance has also collated an unparalleled series of events so students can get to know the firm better. The virtual offering covers a mix of sessions such as panels, keynote speakers, skills sessions and interactive case studies for various groups. Some of the 50 events are open to all; others to different year groups so do check your eligibility before you apply.

Examples include insights into various practice areas such as Finance & Capital Markets and skills-based sessions such as commercial awareness and problem-based learning. The firm is also hosting 500 students for the One Young World Caucus and promoting Black History Month with keynote speakers such as Afua Hirsch and June Sarpong. Clifford Chance’s audience-specific initiatives ACCEPT for LGBTQ+, INTERFACE for STEM students as well as the firm’s partner organisation TENDER will also feature in the sessions. Several of the events detail Clifford Chance’s pioneering LIFT and SPARK programmes so you can also work out whether either of these interest you!

Applications for these are necessary given the limited places on each event but you are free to apply to as many as you wish. These are unmatched opportunities to find out more about the firm and whether Clifford Chance is right for you. Find out more and apply here.

Why Should You Sign Up?

This is a unique opportunity for students and is something the firm has never done before. By democratising access to their resources, Clifford Chance is providing everyone with the opportunity to upskill for their future career path. This represents the firm’s wider commitment to diversity and inclusion, enabling anyone to attend the events and complete the internships at any time.

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Career Podcast: The Smarts Series

Clifford Chance has also recently launched the second series of its careers podcast in collaboration with The Smarts.

The first series allowed listeners to hear from Clifford Chance employees on their personal stories such as life as a Royal Marine or an Olympic rower before starting at the firm. A central focus is the hacks they have transferred from their past experiences into the workplace which they believe are key to working smart.

The second series is designed to provide insight, advice and useful tips from the point of choosing your degree, through university and starting at your job. A particular highlight is the surprising Networking episode hosted by Clifford Chance’s LGBTQ+ Undergraduate of the Year which certainly dispels many myths!

These are a great resource for you to learn key skills to working smart, providing an invaluable opportunity to further your personal and professional development. All 10 episodes can be found on the Clifford Chance Careers website as well as on Apple Podcasts and Acast.

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