Published on January 22, 2019 by Maria Correa

The role of a campus ambassador can effectively help you, as a university student, to gain further insight into the company you are representing. If you choose to take on this role, you’ll get to build on your key skills and develop your employability.

Plus, it offers the chance for firms to get to know the voice of their future graduate employees and learn a little bit about you before you’ve even sent off any applications!

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What’s It Like to Be a TLP Campus Ambassador? 

I have the privilege to become one of TLP’s student campus ambassador at Leeds University. This position has not only given me a chance to increase my organisation skills, but has also exposed me to a myriad of opportunities.

As a result, I’ve increased my writing skills, attended the Training Contract and Vacation Scheme Conference and gained an understanding of the current legal news.

University life can be very busy and it’s hard to juggle two important areas that employers focus on: academia and extra-curricular activities. It can be difficult to maintain the role as a campus ambassador, especially being engaging and actively posing on social media and advertising on and off campus.

To help you, I’ve written down a few tips and tricks that will help you maximise your role as a TLP Campus Ambassador and find out if it’s right for you!

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How Can You Make the Most Out of Your Role?

It’s crucial to engage with your law school, especially with the careers secretary or the careers advisor as they will spread the awareness of TLP through word of mouth or social media. For example, I  got into contact with the law society’s careers secretary to let students know about TLP’s Leeds Facebook group in their weekly Careers Newsletter.

Try to set a schedule or a time-frame every day devoted to posting a blog in the Facebook group or handing out flyers. I always make sure to post a blog every day around midday without fail.

My advice is to post and find useful blogs depending on the current issues faced within the legal sector (for e.g. Brexit or Legal Technology) or especially with application seasons of interviewing or assessment stages.

I tend to visit TLP’s LinkedIn profile to receive inspiration on what to post on your University’s TLP Facebook page as their page is updated every day. That way it’s easy to access to blog links while scrolling through your LinkedIn feed. 

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What Can You Do to Broaden TLP’s Brand in Your University?

 Reach out to other non-law societies (e.g Economics, History or Finance society) which can exponentially increase the number of members of the TLP Facebook group. I spoke to several societies such as the Law4NonLaw Society at Leeds University as well as the Indonesian society.

If you are a member of a sports society, this can be really effective, as you might find non-law students to have a potential interest in the legal field.  Social events within any society or your major should also be another event to look out for.

Informal networking events are another chance for you to market the TLP brand. You can also obtain information about any feedback from the students about the blog posts, the TLP conferences in London or Manchester and the free guides that we provide on the website.

You could post flyers in different locations of your university, such as the student union, cafeterias, behind toilet cubicles or other faculty buildings.

Hopefully, this advice will come in handy for the year ahead and help you make the most out of your Lawyer Portal student campus ambassador role. Lastly, be yourself, interact and enjoy yourself! 

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Author: Maciko Audrey Chan


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