As with any career, there will be some circumstances where salary could be higher depending on the individual’s level of experience. Salaries will also vary according to location and the area of law. Read on for the lowdown on chartered legal executive salaries.

Starting Chartered Legal Executive Salaries:

CILEx students can earn anywhere between £15,000-£28,000.

This means that sometimes a CILEx student may receive more than a trainee solicitor at the same firm. Although this is less than some trainee solicitor counterparts, CILEx students do not face the huge student debt of an undergraduate degree, LPC and where necessary, GDL.

Salaries on Qualification Completion:

Upon completion of a CILEx qualification, salary rises to around £38,000.

Future Salary Progression:

The last stage of the CILEx route is the required three years of work experience, after which your salary could hit £35,000-£55,000.

At this stage, experienced chartered legal executives are able to become partners in law firms and more junior executives can become solicitors. CILEx students are exempt from completing a training contract due to their completion of work experience to attain the qualification.

Therefore, senior charted legal executives can earn considerably higher than £35,000-£55,000 if they go on to work in a large city firm or as a partner. Essentially, there is huge potential for salary increase as a charted legal executive. If you’re not keen on following the solicitor route this could be a fantastic alternative for you.


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