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Pupillage Interview

Applied for pupillage and been invited to interview? This page details our top tips on preparing for a pupillage interview, from revisiting your application and CV to addressing legal problems in your interview.

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If your application is of interest to barristers chambers, you may be invited to interview. This interview is likely be the chamber’s determining factor in offering you pupillage, meaning that preparation is key. As being a barrister requires a high level of advocacy, it is crucial to present yourself coherently, and articulate your ideas and answers confidently.

The recruiting board and interview panel at the chambers tend to shortlist a small number of applicants for interview. They are usually interviewing for one or two pupillages, which makes the preparation for and execution of your interviews all the more crucial.

How Can I Prepare for my Pupillage Interview?

In preparing for your pupillage interviews, make sure that you know the ins and outs of your application and/or CV and covering letter. The answers you gave in your application might be questioned, so be ready to explain in person your answers for:

Make sure you’ve researched the chambers thoroughly: know their practice areas; and look into the cases the chambers have covered or may be working on.

It is crucial to show that you want to train to be a barrister at that particular chambers. You must show your desire to dedicate your career as a barrister to the chamber, so being able to talk accurately about the chambers at interview is essential.

In your interview, you are likely to be given a scenario involving a legal problem. You may be required to talk the panel through how you would address the situation, and how you might go about advising your client. The key to impressing interviewers here is:

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How Can I Prepare for the Day of my Pupillage Interview?

When the day of your pupillage interview arrives, make sure:


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