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Access to our popular LNAT Question Bank is completely unlimited, meaning you can revisit the questions as and when you need to. Created by LNAT experts, you have the opportunity to sharpen your LNAT strategy in our smooth and simple to use simulator. What are you waiting for? Start practising now!


LNAT Practice Questions: Why Use the Free LNAT Questions?

Our free LNAT Question Bank has helped hundreds of students prepare for the test and get into their favourite law schools. From the University of Oxford, to the University of Bristol, the LNAT is compulsory for all those wanting to go to one of these prestigious institutions, and therefore our free LNAT questions have been designed to help you achieve your highest score yet.

access 100% free LNAT questions

Our realistic simulation also allows you to:

  • Read a break down and analysis of each question, with explanations for correct and incorrect answers;
  • Save your scores in your personal Dashboard for each practice test for you to return to and improve upon;
  • Compare your scores to other LNAT Question Bank takers.

So why pay for LNAT practice questions? Get started with our free LNAT Question Bank today!



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How Else Can I Prepare for the LNAT?

The best thing to do is to first read through our complete LNAT 2018 guide so you know what to expect from the test – including preparation tips, information about the different sections, and the logistics of sitting the test.

We also recommend that you use our free LNAT Question Bank alongside our half-day LNAT Workshop, where you will receive personalised strategies and techniques from experienced professionals. You will also receive a full workbook featuring all information and advice from the day, for you to use in your preparation.

Absorb all of they key information from the workshop, which you can then put into practice with the LNAT Question Bank.

Get started with our free LNAT practice questions now!

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