Published on February 16, 2021 by lauraduckett

Students starting university later may find it hard to relate to younger students. But, fitting in is not the goal. Read on to get inspired!

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Whether you are studying for your first degree or returning for a career change as a non law student, you know exactly why you are here. But as months come and go, it is easy to get distracted and lose track of where you are going.

At university, there are lots of social events and student activities happening all year round. While it is tempting to get involved and make friends, it is important to prioritise your studies and manage your time effectively.

If you spend more time socialising than working on yourself, your studies could be compromised and you’ll be further away from achieving your goal. A great way to keep track of your progress could be journaling, or having a motivational quote on your study board that visually reminds you of why you are here.

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Studying law as a mature student

You Have Something to Offer

In law, diversity of thinking is encouraged. Even though the law is rigid and traditional, a successful lawyer needs to be able to think differently. This is where your wisdom and experience come into play since flexibility is the key to finding creative commercial solutions.

Likewise, academics play a role in the legal system and scholars are constantly looking for new ideas. This means that your varied background will allow you to make positive contributions to the university, so don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas.

Keep Going

There will be days where you are desperate for a break due to the mental pressure of having to juggle your job, family responsibilities and studies. It is especially so during assessment periods.

When you are near your breaking point, find a trusted person who can lend an ear and give you words of encouragement. If not, take an hour to unwind and then begin again.

Even if the clock is ticking, take a small break every now and then. Rest time can enhance your efficiency and sharpen the brain. If you have any complex problems, Student Services is there to support you in your journey and can offer practical help.

Everyone is Friendly

Everyone is generally friendly because no matter your age, you are all in the same boat. Plus, because of the fact that you have more life and work experiences than others, you could be an inspiration to another person and will be appreciated for who you are.

If you feel lost and like you don’t fit in, remember, that is not why you are here. You have a goal and university is the best place to make it happen.


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